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MorphCast Statistics Dashboard

How do users react to your content? Do the images you select inspire them, or does their journey through your website or app lead to frustration from obstacles? Gain immediate insights into how people feel about your site or app, with real-time analysis of attention, emotions, and engagement directly from the user’s facial expressions. Start understanding your audience’s emotional responses in just 60 seconds.

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Rapid Deployment and Easy Integration

Ready in just a minute for immediate data collection, the MorphCast Statistics Dashboard seamlessly connects with MorphCast’s Facial Emotion Recognition AI.

Comprehensive Tracking on an Intuitive Interface

Our app monitors a wide array of emotional metrics, including Arousal & Valence, 6 core emotions (Ekman model), Attention & Positivity levels + 98 affects (Russell, Scherer, Klaus model). Its user-friendly interface allows for easy switches between analyses, data filtering, and report customization. Supports CSV, PDF, and JSON downloads.

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Morphcast AI Integration

MorphCast Emotion AI: Bridging Humans and Technology

MorphCast, at the forefront of Affective Computing, transforms interactions by recognizing and responding to human emotions through Facial Emotion Recognition (FER). Analyzing over 130 facial expressions, our technology personalizes digital experiences, making them more engaging and intuitive. From customizing content to aligning product recommendations with users' emotions, MorphCast caters to diverse industries, revolutionizing digital engagement. Discover how our Emotion AI can enhance your digital projects today.

Privacy Policy

MorphCast takes privacy concerns very seriously and has implemented several measures to protect the privacy of its users. The technology only processes client-side the information required for emotional analysis and does not collect any personal data beyond what is necessary for the emotional analysis to take place. The data collected by MorphCast are entirely anonymous statistics and cannot be traced back to an individual. However, you are often legally required to inform your users about what you are tracking and for what purpose. You can refer to our privacy policy as a creative starting point for your own. The app offers a tailor-made privacy advisory for users.

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Unlock Unbeatable Value with Our Pricing. See How MorphCast Leads with the Market's Most Affordable Rates.