Emotion AI Video Conference for Telehealth
Emotion AI Video Conference

Next-Gen Care: Emotion AI in Online Therapy & Telehealth

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MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference enables therapists to monitor patients’ emotional states remotely, providing crucial insights for effective care. Our platform facilitates a deeper connection between therapist and patient, enhancing the therapeutic process from start to finish. It is not just a tool for therapy, though; it’s an asset for the broader telehealth spectrum, allowing all health professionals to monitor their patients emotions even from afar.

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Real-Time Insights, Real Impact

You can monitor reactions and emotional shifts in real time through a easy-to-use analytics dashboard, gaining immediate insights whenever needed thanks to our powerful  Emotion AI engine. Utilize MorphCast’s sophisticated AI to gauge your patient’s mood at critical points of the therapy session, like the first few minutes and those just after the end. This feature is instrumental in understanding the emotional trajectory of your patients, allowing for more informed therapeutic decisions and personalized care. Check how MorphCast’s AI works here.

Post-Session Emotional Analytics

Dive deeper into your therapeutic work with our post-session analytics. Review emotional trends and patterns over time, enhancing your understanding of each patient’s emotional journey. Effortlessly export detailed reports in PDF or in a variety of user-friendly formats to suit your needs. Choose CSV for its simplicity and compatibility with spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets. Alternatively, select JSON for its lightweight and text-based structure, perfect for data interchange between platforms and application. These diverse formats ensure that you can access, share, and utilize your data effectively in the environment that best suits your project’s requirements.

MorphCast Video Conference

Dynamic Pricing, Zero Complications

Enjoy our 3-month trial, then pay only as you use. You have a monthly free usage quota. Exceeding this limit upgrades you to a higher tier. If usage decreases next month, your plan downgrades accordingly. Learn more on our Plans and Pricing page.

Privacy Policy

MorphCast ensures the highest standards of privacy and ethical practice, making it an ideal choice for sensitive teletherapy environments. For a comprehensive understanding of our privacy measures, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Additionally, patients have complete control over their data: The user can disable the AI analysis feature at anytime, ensuring their emotions remain unmonitored during online therapy and telehealth sessions.

MorphCast also complies with all relevant privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), to ensure that users’ privacy is protected at all times. Overall, MorphCast’s approach to privacy balances the benefits of emotional analysis in online sessions with the need to protect users’ personal information and privacy rights.

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Transform Online Therapy with MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference!

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Transform Online Therapy with MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference!