Emotion AI WEB APP Price Approach

Transparent, flexible
try-for-free pricing

Our pricing structure aims for clarity and simplicity, allowing you the freedom to test the app and solely cover the costs of your usage.

At MorphCast, our commitment is to furnish you with essential tools and services while keeping financial obligations minimal. In fact, we've introduced a "pay as you go" system that encompasses 2,000 complimentary minutes of usage monthly for every client. As a result, technical evaluations and trial runs are cost-free, allowing you to effortlessly try out the web app and determine its potential advantages for your research or commercial pursuits without any risk.

Our pricing strategy has been developed to address the needs of diverse customer groups, catering to both low and high usage.

This model is well-suited for those who require our services in smaller volumes, granting you free access to our technology without any associated costs.

It's also an excellent fit for those needing technical trials, evaluations, proof of concept, or customer showcases prior to initiating the production phase.

However, should you go beyond the 2,000-minute allowance, charges will be incurred based on your streaming usage.

The positive aspect is that our pricing framework is also tailored for higher consumption. As your usage of minutes rises, the cost per minute reduces, making our offering increasingly cost-efficient for those with larger requirements.

Furthermore, we are devoted to providing cost-free licenses for researchers and have the capacity to augment the bonus by 2,000 minutes for startups and other unique clients. Therefore, feel at ease to utilize our services without concerns about expenses, as we strive to outperform your expectations through our advanced technology and superior services.

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Pay as You Go

*Excluding applicable taxes

The pricing is determined based on the App's per-minute usage each month, with a minimum fee corresponding to one minute.

We are highly flexible and attentive to our clients' requests. If you would like to discuss a different model, flat or annual or perpetual license, please contact us at [email protected] or via our contact form.

Are you concerned of receiving an exorbitant bill?

Rest assured, we do not require your credit card details. Prior to making any payment, you will have the opportunity to review a monthly report with daily details of our service. You have a 30-day period to verify the report, and only after your confirmation will you be able to proceed with payment and receive our invoice. All of these procedures are thoroughly explained in our Terms of Use under the "Payment" section.