Emotion AI WEB APP Price Approach

Dynamic Pricing Without Ties.
Sign up once, enjoy limitless use. Only pay when you need extra. Running an enterprise? We’re here for you.

Totally on the house.

  • Comprehensive Feature Access.
  • Enjoy 33 Free Usage Hours Every Month.
    Simply secure your license and jump right in. Stay below the 33-hours threshold, and there’s no bill to worry about.
  • Ideal for Sampling and Experiments.
    Witness the might of our AI without spending a dime.

Endless usage
at a set price.

  • Comprehensive Feature Access.
  • Unlimited Use at Just 50 Euros/Month.
    No recurring fees. No need for upgrades.
  • Switches Automatically After 33 Hours.
    Exceed this month? You’re on Pro. Less usage next month? You revert to Basic.
  • Uninterrupted Access.
    No unforeseen blockage, whatever your plan of choice.
  • Every month we send a report.
    You have 30 days to pay or dispute it.

Customized offerings for advanced needs.

  • Comprehensive Feature Access.
  • Premium Service Level.
  • Aimed to Large Enterprises.
    This package is perfect for extensive projects and major corporations with intricate operational demands.
  • Custom Contracts.
    Crafted specifically for your business, ensuring aligned terms.
  • Inclusive Strategic Advice.
    Benefit from our expert insights and assistance in assessing potential use cases for your project.
  • Integration Support from Our Tech Team.
    We’re here to facilitate the smooth incorporation of our solution into your current setup.
  • White Labeling Available.
    Rebrand our solution to resonate with your brand’s identity.
  • Project Execution Assistance.
    We’re committed to the successful completion and delivery of your initiatives.
  • Set Pricing, Beginning at 300 Euros/Month.
    Unlimited access at a predictable price, no unexpected charges.
  • Every month we send a report.
    You have 30 days to pay or dispute it.

Thanks to our advanced client-side AI, we bypass hefty infrastructure expenses, ensuring you benefit from our unbeatably affordable rates.

Are you a researcher or a start-up? We are devoted to providing cost-free licenses for researchers and bigger bonuses for startups and other unique clients.

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