Get Inspired

Get Inspired

We need a new, premium, interactive format, designed for the technology we have in our hands today.

The creative opportunities for MorphCast are limitless!

  • Retail brands can create Christmas campaigns where their story adapts to you, whether you are a child, parent or grandparent
  • Beauty brands can compliment customers on how they look, then demonstrate the products that are most relevant to them
  • Sports car manufacturers can create different driver journeys and generate engine sounds determined by the viewers emotional engagement levels

MorphCast can even put new life into your existing video assets and is being currently used a replacement for Adobe Flash.

To get inspired, here are just some of many examples of how MorphCast can be used:

Made using our SDK

San Miguel Case Study

MorphCast SDK is used to gauge emotional reaction in San Miguel’s thought provoking campaign by leading UK agency Pablo.

Emotional Tracking

Using our HTML5 based SDK it is possibile to accurately track people’s emotions as they view content

Emotional Reaction

MorphCast can track the users emotional reaction to what they are seeing on the screen, with 70% accuracy for the 6 basic emotions.

Emotional Spectrum

See how MorphCast reads your changing emotions in real time

Age and gender

MorphCast can detect the viewers age and gender with over 80% accuracy for gender and +/- 3.5 years error for age.

Head position tracking

Using our SDK you can easily track the users head position.

Emotional Words

See how MorphCast reads your changing emotions in real time

Blade Runner Emotions

See how MorphCast reads your changing emotions in real time

Emotional responsive page

Web pages can change dynamically in real time based upon the viewers emotional engagement with the content.

Video Analysis

MorphCast can analyze video in real time and the results are immediately available

Made using MorphCast

Gender based narratives

Campaigns can follow different narratives based upon the gender of the viewer.

Emotion based journeys

MorphCast emotional recognition technology can be used by brands to drive different journeys and narrative paths

Navigable video buttons

Videos can be made navigable and discoverable with the introduction of hot spots and buttons, which is great for product demonstrations.

Viral and user generated

Anyone can create MorphCast by filming on their own mobile phone.

Interactive Quiz

Interactive web content such as quizzes and FAQs can be built in MorphCast.

Happy, sad quiz

Answer questions by simply smiling or frowning

Age and gender-based news

Web page content can be served based on the age and gender of the viewer.