How It Works


MorphCast is a premium adaptive video format that delivers face recognition in a smartphone without the need for an app or plugin, and is underpinned by deep neural network technology that enables real-time content-engagement triggers, whilst fully maintaining the viewer’s data privacy. It was built upon a powerful technological insight, that the processing capabilities of mobile devices would increase rapidly, enabling us to create new types of personalised video-based experiences, within the device’s browser.


  • We protect private data
  • No private data is sent to our server
  • We do not use biometric data for identification
  • All personal data is processed instantly and then destroyed

In Browser

  • Our format is 100% browser based
  • No App or software required
  • HTML 5 standard
  • Real-time video in browser
  • An alternative to Flash

Ease of use

  • Our Creator App is easy to use
  • MorphCast is easy to embed
  • Modular architecture
  • Dynamic and responsive
  • Highly cost effective, minimal coding

Advanced A.I.

  • We use cutting edge AI
  • Underpinned by deep neural network
  • Analyzes expressions and head position
  • Adapts to users
  • Advanced object recognition

MorphCast Technology

Our patents cover the following areas:

  • Systems to present interactive video content where viewer emotions are driving the content of the video in real time
  • Selecting and executing specific scenes as the video progresses based on who’s watching and on the device being used with date, time and location
  • Object recognition within an adaptive system
  • Systems and methods to process sensitive data using mobile devices

Our technology delivers:

  • Optimized bandwidth based on device screen resolution
  • HTTP Live Streaming Protocol (HLS)
  • HTML5 compatible, browser and native app agnostic

Our Web page JS SDK is also available, for a dynamically emotional responsive layout based on emotions, age, gender and angle of view by means of 3D head-pose tracking.

MorphCast Measurement

MorphCast is underpinned by a sophisticated web analytics dashboard and API to exchange data within the client’s device.

At each path in the MorphCast flow, we can analyse the number of crossings of that path (server side), and we are able to aggregate the number of viewers passed by that path, including their attention rate, age, and gender.

We are able to provide highly detailed campaign analytics whilst the data remains anonymised at all times. Our platform does not track information on the behavior of the individual user, but each statistic is based on the requests of the contents arriving at the servers.