How to Create Engaging Video Content? 3 Main Aspects in 2023
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How to Create Engaging Video Content? 3 Main Aspects in 2023

Videos have become the main communication medium in recent years. They have proven to be much more effective than images in terms of audience engagement. For this reason, more and more organizations are choosing videos to tell their stories. And, of course, to build and improve their own and their brand’s reputation. Creating engaging videos capable of capturing attention and best conveying the message we want to communicate is therefore crucial.

People see dozens of videos pass before their eyes every day. So, how to make engaging videos? Let’s look at the 3 main aspects we need to focus on.

Quality is key to create engaging video content.

When we talk about quality, we mean both the quality of the video and the quality of the content. Not only must the topic addressed be interesting and relevant, but the video itself must be shot and edited in the right way. 

Grainy, dark, poorly readable images are certainly unsuitable. Instead, sharp images with good resolution and bright colors can help make viewing more enjoyable and, consequently, make it last longer.

Exploit interactivity to engage with your audience.

Unilateral communication is not always really effective. Interactivity is a huge advantage when it comes to increasing audience engagement. 

Compared to linear videos, interactive videos manage to keep the audience’s interest level high for significantly longer periods of time. Especially when they are cleverly constructed, they pique viewers’ curiosity to get to the ending, and thus reduce the tendency for distraction.

From a marketing perspective, interactive videos result in a dramatic improvement in metrics. But that’s not all: they also make it possible to obtain information from users, thanks to the inclusion of quizzes, surveys, forms and other forms of data collection.

Empower emotions!

To create engaging video content, it’s not just a matter of covering interesting topics and shooting scenes in a professional manner. Your audience is made up of people. And people are looking for emotions! It is crucial to know how to strike the right chords to trigger the right emotions in your viewers. But not all people are the same and not always one same scene triggers the same emotion in everyone.

Let’s see how to make engaging videos exploiting emotions! This is where technology can come to the rescue. An Interactive Video Platform that integrates Emotion AI technologies can enable you to create interactive videos that are also capable of interacting with the viewer’s emotions, in real time. In this way, you can create content that changes on the wave of the emotions of those who are watching it. This helps stimulating the response you want to achieve and collecting important data about your viewers, to improve future interactions.

Now that you have some engaging video ideas, unleash your creativity!

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