MorphCast for Zoom Freemium Model

More than 130 hours every month, for free.

  • No credit card required.
  • Use it for free: 8,000 minutes (more than 133 hours) of usage with no charge, every month.
  • Exceeded the limit? You’ll pay only 15.00 Euros for your monthly usage, whatever the amount.
  • No fixed cost: pay only when you exceed. It’s not a subscription!
  • Review your usage with our handy monthly report. Get all the details about your daily usage.

Transparent, flexible
generous freemium

Our payment scheme is designed to offer you complete transparency and ease, allowing you to freely explore and use the facial expression analysis of MorphCast for Zoom app for everyday needs without any charges. You end up using our powerful AI for more than 8,000 minutes? No problem: you’ll pay only 15 Euros, we guarantee there won’t be any surprise bill, even if you use MorphCast for Zoom extensively.

Your needs change over time? No problem again: you’ll be billed only when you are really making the most of our AI. This is not a subscription.

At MorphCast, our aim is to supply you with useful tools and services while minimizing monetary constraints. This plan is optimal both for regular users and for those in need of complete flexibility.

Instructions to go further

Subscribe to MorphCast for Zoom app in Zoom App Marketplace and enjoy the frontier of AI video conferencing!