MorphCast Studio, the first interactive video platform wich enables creators to build adaptive-media videos that respond to the viewer in real-time.

Cloud Based adaptive-media management tool.

The only industrial standard platform of its kind with unlimited plug-ins for both Mac and Windows.

Apple MacOs Microsoft Windows
Cloud Based adaptive-media management tool

Videos are
no longer linear

They can now branch down many different paths based upon user viewer inputs such as demographic, emotional response, interactive buttons and attention.

MorphCast Studio tree

Engage with viewers in a new way

MorphCast Studio allows creators to build adaptive-media experiences by activating pre-set events in branching nodes to trigger digital content from user inputs.

Engage with viewers in a new way

Adaptive-media video demonstration

Try our adaptive-media video demo to see some of the things you can do with MorphCast Studio

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daptive-media video demonstration

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