Using our HTML5 SDK

Developers can easily add an adaptive emotional layer to web sites and landing pages, creating exciting, interactive and enriching digital experiences.

Our SDK is designed to analyze spontaneous facial expressions that people show in their daily interactions. Our technology works with both device camera (mobile) or standard webcam (PC). The SDK is built on our industry-leading patented science.

The highly accurate classifiers have been trained and tested using our massive emotion data repository. Designed for developer ease-of-use, the SDK processes emotion data on-device-browser (no cloud frame round trip). Our library is lightweight and fast with small JavaScript file sizes, to support a small memory footprint and real-time processing

“No other emotion SDK has been as accurate and easy to use.”

Fabio Merlin – CEO & Creative Director at AQuest

Deep Neural Network

Our Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology allows the web page to respond to the users’ demographic, gender, emotions in real time. We identify the 6 basic emotions, plus neutral, gender, age and 3D head position.

Best of all, our solutions takes just a few hours to set-up, giving you the ability to fully emotionally enable your applications – in an afternoon!

Click here to see our emotional tracking HTML5 SDK in action

SDK Modules

We offer a number of SDK modules, combinations and special options which come in either fixed combinations or can be combined with our special Dynamic Neural Network module, creating infinite possibilities.

Detects emotions across a rich emotional spectrum and it measure emotion intensity.

Once a face is detected MorphCast can determine the gender with near 95% accuracy.

MorphCast can estimate a face’s age within a few years in just under a second.

MorphCast detects 40+ facial features such as facial hair, eyeglasses, jewelry, makeup, hairline and more

MorphCast detects head position, tracks head movement axes and rotation

Our proprietary Dynamic Neural Network can be trained to detect specific objects, products or brands.


We offer a range of flexible commercial MorphCast HTML5 SDK licenses to cover a wide range of projects, user cases and situations.

We can also offer our Commercial Evaluation License and Student Evaluation License.

Contact us to have a price tailored on your project

Technical Tutorial

To get started with our SDK, check out our technical tutorial.

In order for the SDK to work, you must run the HTML file with the snippet code (see our technical tutorial) inside a web server on http://localhost and be connected to internet.

Once the project is ready, please provide us with the domain to be licensed in order for the SDK to work without limitation.

We can also provide on request, special DNN training for recognizing objects, context, gesture and much more.