MorphCast Emotion AI works strictly on the user’s device. We do not record private data, nor send them to any server to carry out the analysis. Furthermore, we specifically designed it not to recognize or identify individuals. With MorphCast, user’s privacy is in very good hands.

A client-side processing Emotion AI technology that protects privacy

MorphCast Emotion AI is a cutting-edge technology that uses Facial Emotion Recognition to detect and interpret emotions, but with a strong emphasis on user privacy. Unlike other emotion analysis systems that work on the server-side, MorphCast Emotion AI works entirely on the user’s device. Our team has no control over the personal data but only over statistical data. And you can’t consider these data private since you can’t associate them with natural persons.

MorphCast Emotion AI Advantages: Privacy

They are anonymous and aggregated with daily granularity. Furthermore, we make these data available only if the aggregation exceeds a minimum threshold. This ensures that anybody can’t connect them to a natural person even in the case that the experience is delivered to only one person. MorphCast Emotion AI uses the device’s camera as a sensor, not as a video image recorder.

This means that we do not record or transmit personal data to any servers for analysis. And ensures that the user’s facial data remains on their device and nobody can share it with any third-party. This is essential to neutralize the risk of accessing or using the data without the user’s consent.