Emotion AI – General Data Protection Regulation

Effective November 24th, 2022

Private data protection and preserving people’s rights under GDPR legislation are at the heart of our technology.

The technology developed and distributed by Cynny S.p.A. called "MorphCast® Emotion AI HTML5 SDK" and the other products, services and features available within it (i.e. MorphCast Web Apps), is a software (the “Software”) for processing images of a video stream that establishes, with different degrees of probability, the emotional state of the framed subject and some other apparent characteristics such as the cut or hair color, likely age and gender.

The Software runs as a Javascript library embedded in a web page executed in the browser of the host device. 

It does not carry out biometric data processing, but only an instant and volatile processing of personal data, while scanning the images read by the video stream (for example a camera) provided by the browser API.

Each image of the video stream remains in the volatile memory of the device, smartphone, tablet, PC etc., accessible from the software within the browser sandbox, only for the time strictly necessary for processing the result, estimated at about 100ms, after which it is overwritten by the next image. The last frame of the stream is destroyed as soon as it is processed.

Accordingly, use of the Software is subject not only to the MorphCast® Emotion AI Terms Of Use but also subject to (1) the terms of use of the browser in which the  Software  is embedded, and (2) any third party software and API required to allow the web page to run.

For more information about the Privacy Policy to be applied using the Software, see the document MorphCast Emotion AI Privacy Policy.

For any privacy issues, please contact [email protected]