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MorphCast for Zoom | Empathetic virtual meetings

MorphCast for Zoom is an integration of MorphCast Facial Emotion AI technology with Zoom APIs, to provide a unique video conference experience.
It is developed by Cynny to create a new level of interaction and engagement during online meetings. With the help of MorphCast AI algorithms techniques, this solution can detect attention level, engagement level, and many other featrures from participants’ faces, allowing the spekaker to better understand the audience and improve the experience.
During a Zoom conference, MorphCast provides visual feedbacks in a real-time dashboard, giving the speaker a deeper understanding of the conversation with participants. This can help establishing a more empathetic and impactful mode of communication, enabling the speaker to respond to participants’ emotions with greater meaning and relevance. And it fosters a deeper level of understanding and connection, resulting in more effective and enriching virtual meetings.

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MorphCast Facial Emotion AI for Zoom conference