MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Media Platform – CSV Data Interpretation Guide

Temporal Data CSV

This file provides time-sequenced data, capturing attention and emotional responses.

Column Descriptions:

  • Second: Time in seconds, elapsed from the start of data collection.
    • Example: second: 15 indicates data captured 15 seconds after the start.
  • Top3Affects: The top three emotional affects detected at each second.
    • Example: Top3Affects: Happy – Surprised – Neutral.
  • Attention: Attention levels, categorized by age and gender. Values range from 0 (no attention) to 1 (full attention).
    • Example: attention_Male_30-50: 0.75 indicates a 75% attention level in males aged 30 to 50.
  • Emotions: Intensity of specific emotions for different demographic groups. Values range from 0 to 1. The sum of the 7 emotions within the same demographic group must equal one, representing a probability distribution.
    • Example: emotionFear_Female_0-30: 0.10, emotionHappiness_Female_0-30: 0.30, etc., summing to 1.0 for the female 0-30 group.
  • Positivity: A measure of overall positive emotional response, ranging from 0 to 1.
    • Example: Positivity: 0.85 indicates a high level of positive emotional response.
  • Wish: A proprietary metric indicating the user’s interest or sentiment. Values range from 0 (no interest) to 1 (high interest).
    • Example: Wish: 0.60 suggests a moderate level of user interest or sentiment.