Emotion AI Services Pricings

You have a generous monthly free quota. Your plan adjusts based on your usage: it upgrades if you exceed the limit or downgrades if you use less. You’ll be billed after usage.
Our cutting-edge client-side processing AI technology eliminates infrastructure costs, delivering unbeatable savings to you and minimizing environmental impact!

AI Interactive Media Platform

Boost audience engagement with videos driven by viewer emotions.

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Emotion AI HTML5 SDK

Analyse spontaneous facial expressions and features in any web page or app.

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Emotion AI Video Conference

AI-powered video conference platform with emotion and attention analytics of your attendees.

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MorphCast for Zoom

Add attention and engagement analytics to your Zoom meetings with this easy-to-use plugin.

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Video & Pic Analysis Apps

Ready-to-use Emotion AI web applications to enable emotional analysis of your media quickly and easily.

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User Facial Analysis

Analyze your facial expressions and emotional responses while watching a video.

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Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard

Capture & analyze users' emotional responses to your website.

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MorphCast for ChatGPT

AI conversations automatically tailored to your current emotional state.

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