SINAPSI | Full full-length film by CONFORM

MorphCast can help boost the engagement of your entertainment products by analyzing the emotional state of viewers and personalizing the experience in real time

Emotion AI for Entertainment | MorphCast

Brand new opportunities for television, video-streaming services, music, and more

MorphCast Emotion AI offers the opportunity to create and deliver emotional interactive content. But you can also use it to suggest users what to watch or listen based on their demographics or emotions, to analyse emotional response to specific contents, and to test contents to predict whether or not they will be commercially successful.

The future of entertainment

Emotional interactive media is the next great cutting edge of entertainment

Emotional interactive media

Interactive videos turn viewers into directors, giving them the power to change the narrative according to their own choices. Adding an emotional layer, means you have the possibility to create contents adapting not only to the viewer's "rational" choices, but also to their emotional state at the precise moment they are watching a film, video clip, or other digital content. With an exceptional increase in empathy and engagement.

Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations

We choose music to listen or movies to watch according to our situation and mood. Detecting your users emotional state can help you recommend the right content for each one, in the precise moment they are looking for entertainment contents.

Emotional analytics

Emotional statistics

MorphCast Emotion AI allows you to analyse the emotional response of your audience while enjoying your digital contents. You can collect and review these data, segmenting your audience by demographics, to better understand your users and refine your strategy.

Content testing

Content testing

With Emotion AI, you can test your content before you release it to measure the emotional reaction, engagement level, and attention level of users. The data collected will be very useful in determining whether the content is getting the desired results, or needs to be improved, to achieve success.

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SINAPSI | Full full-length film by CONFORM

As part of the ANEMA Project by Conform, the film SINAPSI was made, a full-length feature film that, thanks to an important cast with Beatrice Arnera, Nino Frassica, Massimo Venturiello and many other actresses and actors, known to the big...
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ANEMOTION | Animated short film by CONFORM

Anemotion is an animated short film created by CONFORM that showcases the potential for tourism and congress development in the city of Naples. The film develops through the story of two brothers, both Neapolitan, one by birth and the other...
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Verizon Tom’s story | Bringing emotions to the edge

Eight different narrative branches from Tom's first day in the office, depending on how viewers react. This short film, created by Yahoo Studios, benefits from MorphCast AI Interactive Media Platform to create empathy and change narrative based on viewers' emotions....
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