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We expertly craft safe browser-processing, energy-efficient, accurate AI solutions to analyze facial emotions improving digital experiences through a data-driven empathetic approach.

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Empowering digital interactions with Emotion AI

Step into a world where your digital experience adapts to your emotions. MorphCast Facial Emotion Recognition technology transforms your users' facial expressions into tailored content and functionality. Through face analysis you can discover insights into preferences, recommend personalized products, and provide emotional support.

MorphCast Emotion AI, with 130+ facial expression detections, makes it possible to create engaging, human-like interactions across diverse industries. 

Join us on a journey of personalized, adaptive, and emotionally empowering digital experiences. Try our demo now and witness the game-changing impact of Affective Computing!

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What are Emotion AI and Facial Emotion Recognition?

Emotion AI, also known as Affective Computing, is the field of computer science that enables computers to recognize, interpret, and simulate human emotions.

Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) is a subfield of Emotion AI that focuses on detecting emotions from facial expressions.

MorphCast Emotion AI can be used to develop applications and services that interact with users in a more human and natural way, based on the detection of their mood, feelings, or emotions displayed in their facial expressions.

emotion analysis of a man laughing

MorphCast Technology

MorphCast Facial Emotion AI is a highly flexible and compact JavaScript technology that seamlessly integrates into web pages, web applications, or web views across various platforms. Automatically loaded in the user’s browser via HTTPS, this innovative technology is specifically designed for real-time analysis of facial expressions and features.

Empowering Digital Engagement

MorphCast is exceptionally suited for a broad range of digital initiatives that demand interactive and human-centric engagement. Morphcast AI’s capability to operate within the user’s browser environment, respecting privacy and security protocols, positions it as an indispensable tool for creating more engaging, responsive, and personalized digital experiences.

emotion recognition of a woman's facial expressions
Person shaking hand with a robot

Safe AI for humans and the planet

MorphCast AI processes facial expressions directly in the browser, without sending any facial data to the cloud, allowing users to fully control if, how, and when they want to activate or turn off any AI analysis, thus ensuring their privacy remains solid and secure.

Our attention to ethical AI extends to commitment with the AI Act compliance: MorphCast adheres to the highest standards of AI safety and governance.

We are making our AI the most eco-friendly, emphasizing minimal environmental impact and low energy consumption. Our approach includes fully remote operations, energy-efficient software, and power-saving measures.

MorphCast AI prioritizes user privacy by processing data at the browser level without recognizing or identifying individuals, ensuring anonymity. We adhere to strict privacy regulations by obtaining explicit and informed consent for data processing, fully complying with GDPR and other privacy guidelines. While we respect user privacy, we also advocate for the responsible use of Emotion AI.

CSR – Buildig Trust

Focus on users' privacy

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The most cost‑effective on the market

MorphCast Emotion AI presents a dynamic pricing model that revolves around the usage time on a monthly basis. You start with a significant quota of free usage each month. If your usage surpasses this free limit, you’ll automatically move up to a higher tiered plan. Conversely, if your usage decreases in the following month, the plan will automatically adjust to a lower tier, reflecting your reduced usage. This ensures a flexible and cost-effective solution tailored to your actual needs.

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Discover the Advantages of Morphcast

MorphCast is truly unique, combining power, versatility, safety and unparalleled cost-efficiency. Explore the unique advantages of using MorphCast today and discover how we stand out from the rest.

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What do they think?

Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

Interactive video has suffered in the past because of its high costs and compatibility issues. No more. MorphCast solves this problem by creating a simple, powerful, plug and play platform with great support. Welcome to the interactive video generation.

Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman, Cofounder at UNIT9, UNIT9 Films and UNIT9 Apps
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

MorphCast can change a video on the basis of your age, emotions or whether you're paying attention, just like a storyteller or an actor might change their performance according to their audience. MorphCast is a fascinating technology, with huge future potential.

Martin Percy, BAFTA Award Winning Director
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

I think this project has really opened my mind to the innovation that is now available to us all as filmmakers and storytellers. The future is making technology expand on the story rather than limit it. So I think the possibilities truly are endless.

Jake Graf, Multi Award Winning Writer, Director and Actor
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

One of the brilliant things that we’ve been doing with Verizon Business Group is combining traditional scripted drama production with fantastic new 5G-related technology MorphCast, [...] finding new ways to essentially serve content to audiences.

Geoffrey Goodwin, Senior Director at Yahoo Creative Studios