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Adaptive-media adjusts naturally to the viewer based upon how they appear and react, just as humans instinctively adapt to each other.

MorphCast is a patented technology using facial analysis to adapt digital content to the viewer in real-time.

  • First effective in-browser AI

  • No App or software installation

  • No data sent to a remote server

  • Media Player adapting in real-time

  • AI engine 15 times smaller in size

  • Ad impressions certified by AI

Gender Female

Age 27






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The fastest, lightest and most complete face analysis technology that works on device within any HTML 5 browser, without the need for App or plug-in. None of your personal data goes to a server.

GDPR Compliant No Recording No Storing


Blonde Hair



Wavy Hair

Small nose

Blue eyes

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Facial analysis AI HTML5 SDK

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MorphCast Studio

Introducing MorphCast Studio

With MorphCast Studio you can create adaptive-media digital video and content experiences simply by activating pre-set events to trigger digital content tailored to the individual.

MorphCast Studio Branching Videos

Unlike conventional linear videos, MorphCast Studio enables video and digital content to branch in different directions based upon the viewer.

By setting inputs such as emotion, demographic and attention facial analysis, MorphCast is the first media format that can perceive and adapt to the user in real-time.

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