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Boost audience engagement with videos driven by viewer emotions, avatars and ChatGPT

Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) is engineered to interpret human emotions through their facial expressions. MorphCast's AI Media Platform leverages facial emotion recognition technology to discern viewers' emotions and, based on their emotional responses, dynamically navigates them through pathways you design within your video content. MorphCast's AI Media Platform, which includes the creation of avatars and dynamic interaction with ChatGPT, represents a significant advancement in digital media technology. Effortlessly craft compelling emotional interactive experiences without requiring IT development.

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The power of Facial Emotion AI

Imagine an interactive video in which the narrative responds to the viewer’s appearance and reactions. This is now possible! With MorphCast you can easily design and build interactive experiences triggered by viewers' facial expressions, in real time, while they are watching your video. Check out the 130+ facial expressions and features you can use to create amazing interactions!

Emotion AI features Demo
The power of Facial Emotion AI

No IT development needed

With MorphCast Video Platform, you can create emotional interactive videos on your own, without the need to engage a digital production company. This way, you can focus on what really matters: your content strategy, the interactive experience, to successfully engage with your customers. Discover mind-blowing new opportunities, within a professional, easy-to-use interactive video software.

MorphCast No IT development needed

Maximum flexibility, maximum creative freedom

MorphCast makes it possible to develop customized plugins, to respond to every single customer’s needs and assure you all the flexibility you need to produce your extraordinary digital experiences. Explore success case studies created with MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform, and get inspired by the endless possibilities to expand your creativity!

MorphCast Interactive video performance

Unbelievable interactive video performance

Interactive videos

3x time spent by online users*

32% more memorable experiences*

9x higher impact on purchase intent*

* Source

Measure your success

With the optional product MorphCast’s statistics dashboard, you can evaluate the results of your experiences, through graphs, charts and interaction metrics. Start measuring how your contents perform and adjust your customer experience based on their emotional reaction!

Measure your success
MorphCast emotional data

Enhance your business value with your users' emotional data

MorphCast is the only interactive video platform that allows you to collect emotional data while the user is watching your video, whether it is an advertising video, a tutorial, a presentation, or any other kind of content. It offers you a complete statistics dashboard to evaluate the performance of your videos, through graphs, charts and interaction metrics. Start measuring how your videos perform and adjust your audience experience based on their interaction and emotional reaction!

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How it works, methods, evaluation and risks
User's privacy is
in safe hands

MorphCast User privacy

HOW IT WORKS - In this written material, you can find an explanation of the operational process of the Emotional AI system, what data is collected and the techniques utilized to collect data, particulars concerning the data sources, and the measures taken to assess the system's effectiveness. We have also included details about any identified limitations or prejudices. Additionally, we have outlined the potential advantages and risks that come with utilizing the emotional AI system, along with suggestions for using it securely and efficiently.

ETHICS - At MorphCast, we promote ethical utilization of Emotion AI technologies, and to that end, we have made available beneficial guidelines and policies that offer a clearer comprehension of and recommendations for using MorphCast Emotion AI.

PRIVACY - MorphCast AI has been designed in a way that it does not detect or classify individuals. The camera on the device is utilized solely as a sensor, with no video recording feature. User's facial image frames are processed solely on the client-side and are erased immediately afterward. Furthermore, these images cannot be sent, saved, or exchanged with anyone in any form and our team does not have any control over them.

Check out the MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform Privacy Policy

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Pricing for Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform

No fixed costs or upfront investment, plus 33 free streaming hours monthly. A 60 Euros spending cap guaranteed and continuous content access.