Mission & Corporate Social Responsibility

In English, the phrase “That’s great” can convey a wide range of emotions, from genuine delight to complete indifference, or even distress. Without grasping the speaker’s accompanying emotion, it’s easy to misinterpret the meaning, or even understand it as the exact opposite.

Morphcast uniquely teaches AI to understand and react to human emotions and conversation that ensures data privacy (browser-based) and is low-cost and environmentally-friendly (no server farms).

Our mission is to create and foster accessible and powerful emotional AI tools to those who will use them positively for the advancement of humanity, which is destined to be the cradle of the robot race. Emotions play a fundamental role in the interaction among humans. And they will also play a key role in the digital interaction between humans and robots.

Last Update April 1, 2024

Authenticity takes courage

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. We consider CSR to be of vital importance, particularly as we operate in the field of AI. This sector, more than others, is currently called upon to make responsible choices, including protecting the environment, preserving privacy, and respecting people’s rights.

MorphCast partners with RedOpen, a spin-off of the University of Milano-Bicocca, leveraging the power of tools like AI Check & Go™ and AI Check & Audit™. Together, we support a future where AI is designed, developed, and adopted with the utmost responsibility, always upholding ethical standards, regulatory compliance, and principles of corporate social responsibility.

For detailed information regarding the method of extraction and storage of data by MorphCast Emotion AI, as well as about the potential risks and benefits of using the Emotional AI system and guidance on how to use the system safely and effectively, please refer to this page: Emotion AI – Responsibility, Transparency and Clarity.

Towards our customers, we impose ourselves on establishing clear Guidelines and Policies for the responsible use of emotion AI, and regularly reviewing and updating these guidelines as needed. Educating customers and their users about the capabilities and limitations of emotion AI, and providing resources for them to better understand and use these systems is part of our commitment.

To this end, we have adopted a Code of Ethics that constantly guides us and our customers and which includes our commitment to act on climate change through our Carbon Footprint Program.

MorphCast Services Overview
Including FAQs, Privacy Policies, Terms of Use, and Data Processing Details
  • Video Conferencing: MorphCast For Zoom – Emotion AI applied to Zoom conferences (available on Zoom App Marketplace): PageFAQ – Terms of Use – Privacy Policy – DPA.
  • Video Conferencing: MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference – Emotion AI applied to Video conferences and webinars: PageFAQ – Terms of Use – Privacy Policy – DPA.
  • Ready To Use Web Apps – 8+ Apps ready to use, embedding Emotion AI HTML5 SDK: PageFAQ – Terms of Use – Privacy Policy.
  • Emotion AI Interactive Media Platform (AI Media Platform) – using MorphCast Studio as an application for Mac and Windows to create interactive videos driven by viewers’ emotions and Avatars (you can download it for free from the Apple store and Microsoft store): PageFAQ – Terms of Use – Privacy Policy – DPA.
  • Emotion AI HTML5 SDK – to access the PC or smartphone’s camera stream or video stream in order to analyze face expressions and detect traits and attributes like emotions, affects and other “appearance” features that can drive the media playback in terms of content, effects and layout: PageFAQ – Terms of Use – Privacy Policy.
  • Emotion AI Media Player – the web media player that mounts interactive videos, created with MorphCast Studio, in real time in the viewer’s browser or app web-view: FAQ – Privacy Policy (related to the viewer’s personal data).
  • MorphCast Website: Privacy & Cookie Policy & FAQ – Contact form Privacy Policy – Feedback and Abuse report form: Privacy Policy
How do we at MorphCast see ourselves in a few years

In the near future, MorphCast stands at the forefront of a transformative era where emotion AI becomes the cornerstone of human-human, human-avatar and human-robot interactions. We envision a world where our technology bridges the gap between digital entities and human emotions.

Our commitment is to develop an ecosystem where humans, avatars, and robots coexist, each benefiting from the emotional intelligence that MorphCast’s technology provides.

In this new era, MorphCast is more than a technology provider; we are architects of a future where emotional AI is the language of understanding between humans and between humans and the digital world. Our vision is bold and expansive, encompassing the integration of AI in every aspect of life, making every interaction more human, more understanding, and more connected.

MorphCast Team