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Last update April 1, 2024

Dear user,

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security while you use our website. As part of this commitment, we have designed our website to be a “tracking cookie free domain”.

This means that we do not use any cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your device to track your browsing activity and preferences. We also do not allow any third-party trackers or analytics tools on our website that could collect your data and use it for marketing or other purposes.

By not using tracking cookies and any third-party trackers, we can ensure that your data remains secure and private while you use our website. However, this may also limit some functionality on our site, such as remembering your preferences but we think it’s a minimum price you’re willing to pay in exchange for your freedom to surf our site completely anonymously.

The sole exception we have implemented, which is essential to our operation, is a technical cookie from Cloudflare: the cf_bm cookie. We utilize Cloudflare’s services to ensure fast and efficient browsing of our website, regardless of your location. This functional cookie aids in identifying and filtering bot requests. It expires in 30 minutes and is completely harmless.

Website Forms: To respect your privacy, we treat all information collected through our website forms anonymously. No IP addresses or personally identifiable information is stored alongside your requests. If you provide your email for further contact, this is handled and stored separately under our specific privacy guidelines directly at the bottom of the forms themselves.

Web Page View Tracking: To gather insights into website usage, we employ anonymous page view tracking on our website. This system collects only basic data about webpage visits without storing any personally identifiable information like IP addresses or cookies. For your information, internal MorphCast members can easily opt-out of this tracking to avoid skewing our website page views statistics. Each page on our website incorporates a JavaScript function for this purpose. This function is thoroughly commented and the code is completely transparent, allowing you to verify its operation and our commitment to respecting your privacy. In addition to the open-source code, a console message provides real-time information about each individual page viewed, including the number of views updated, the page ID, and a link to this document for more information.

We believe that this approach to web analytics strikes a balance between collecting useful data and respecting user privacy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We have also appointed a Data Protection Officer, who may be reached at the email address

Thank you for choosing our website.

MorphCast team