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Ready-to-use Emotion AI web applications to enable emotional analysis quickly and easily! Discover More
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The interactive video platform for creating personalized, relevant and contextual experiences that interact with viewers’ emotions. Discover more
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A plugin for Zoom that incorporates Emotion AI into Zoom conferences, bringing a new level of interaction and engagement to virtual meetings. Discover More
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What are Emotion AI and Facial Emotion Recognition?

Emotion AI, also known as Affective Computing, is the field of computer science that enables computers to recognize, interpret, and simulate human emotions.

Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) is a subfield of Emotion AI that focuses on detecting emotions from facial expressions.

MorphCast Emotion AI can be used to develop applications and services that interact with users in a more human and natural way, based on the detection of their mood, feelings, or emotions displayed in their facial expressions.

Empowering digital interactions with Emotion AI

Imagine a digital interface that adapts to you. Emotional data can be used to adjust the content, layout, and functionality based on your users’ facial expressions. Whether your users are feeling excited, confused, or frustrated, are attentive or distracted, are feeling positive or negative, the interface will respond accordingly, providing them with a tailored experience.

But it doesn't stop there. You can use Facial Emotion Recognition to gain insights into your users’ preferences and interests. You can recommend products, services, and content that align with their desires. You can give your users emotional support. Or you can use the detected data to analyze your users’ reactions and create reports that will help your business.

Join us on a journey where digital experiences are personalized, adaptive, engaging and emotionally empowering. Try our demo now to discover the power of Facial Emotion AI!

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MorphCast Technology

MorphCast Technology

MorphCast Emotion AI can be used to develop digital projects that interact with users in a more human and natural way, based on the detection of 130+ facial expressions and feature, including: attention, positivity, affects, arousal, valence, and many other features!

Our affective computing technology is very versatile, and can be applied across very diverse industries and use cases. And it is a real game changer: it makes digital interactions human-satisfactory.

User's privacy is
in good hands

MorphCast User privacy

Personal data (the image frame of the viewer’s face) is only on the client-side processed, and immediately destroyed. Such images can never be transmitted, stored or shared with others (MorphCast’s team has no control over such personal data). Our AI uses the device's camera as a sensor, not as a video image recorder and is specifically designed and developed to not identify people.

CSR - Building Trust

The most cost-effective on the market

MorphCast Emotion Recognition softwares are a budget-friendly choice, particularly for those who require up to 33 hours of AI functionality per month at no cost, or those who don't mind a monthly limit of 50 or 60 Euro for unlimited usage. MorphCast for Zoom is even more affordable with a freemium generous plan!

An interesting feature of these softwares is that they operate on the client-side as API JavaScript, which can potentially enhance speed and confidentiality.

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What do they think?

Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

Interactive video has suffered in the past because of its high costs and compatibility issues. No more. MorphCast solves this problem by creating a simple, powerful, plug and play platform with great support. Welcome to the interactive video generation.

Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman, Cofounder at UNIT9, UNIT9 Films and UNIT9 Apps
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

MorphCast can change a video on the basis of your age, emotions or whether you're paying attention, just like a storyteller or an actor might change their performance according to their audience. MorphCast is a fascinating technology, with huge future potential.

Martin Percy, BAFTA Award Winning Director
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

I think this project has really opened my mind to the innovation that is now available to us all as filmmakers and storytellers. The future is making technology expand on the story rather than limit it. So I think the possibilities truly are endless.

Jake Graf, Multi Award Winning Writer, Director and Actor
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

One of the brilliant things that we’ve been doing with Verizon Business Group is combining traditional scripted drama production with fantastic new 5G-related technology MorphCast, [...] finding new ways to essentially serve content to audiences.

Geoffrey Goodwin, Senior Director at Yahoo Creative Studios