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Create unrivaled interactive videos triggered by viewer's emotions, for free! You will only pay for the views of your videos!

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Welcome to MorphCast: the world’s only Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform

Want to make shoppable videos? Branching videos? Or gamified videos? This is the most flexible, user-friendly professional solution there is.

But there’s more. MorphCast also lets you interact with the emotions of the person watching your video. It makes possible over 100 emotion-based interactions. Plus interactions are based on factors like attention, engagement, geolocation, device and other viewer attributes.

MorphCast is a dynamic tool for professionals

It’s available for you to download and use now - 100% free. You only pay for the number of minutes your videos are streamed (watched). And the first 2.000 minutes per month are free.

So create your interactive video now. And your clients can embed it on their website; or share it as a simple URL via messaging or social media.

Explore all the Features

Videos adapting to the viewer’s appearance and reactions

MorphCast is the only interactive video platform that integrates a powerful Facial Emotion AI technology, capable of detecting and analyzing 130+ facial expressions and features, based on key scientific research. With MorphCast, you can enhance your interactive videos and boost engagement by customizing your content based on the emotions, attention level, engagement, and many other unique traits of each individual viewer. Discover all the Emotion AI features you can trigger your interactive videos with!

Create unrivaled interactive videos triggered by viewer’s emotions, for free!

You will only pay for the views of your videos!

Emotion AI Features Demo

Enhance your business value with your users’ emotional data

MorphCast is the only interactive video platform that allows you to collect emotional data while the user is watching your video, whether it is an advertising video, a tutorial, a presentation, or any other kind of content. You can collect a gold mine of data, to increase the value of your business.

MorphCast Studio

Unbelievable interactive video performance

Interactive videos

3x time spent by online users*

32% more memorable experiences*

9x higher impact on purchase intent*

* Source

Interactive videos empowered
by users emotions

On 100 users:
  • Only 28 do not allow to open their camera
  • 36 complete the whole experience,
  • 25 fill out the contact form
MorphCast Studio Branching Videos

Measure your interactive videos success

MorphCast offers you a complete analytics dashboard to evaluate the performance of your videos, through graphs, charts and interaction metrics. Start measuring how your videos perform and adjust your audience experience based on their interaction and emotional reaction!

Get the Windows app from Microsoft Store Get the Mac app from the Apple App Store

No limits to your creativity

Whether you want to sell a product, train a group of learners, or better understand your customers’ preferences and needs, MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform will help you dramatically increase your customers’ engagement and establish a stronger relationship with your audience.

Usage possibilities

In Browser Technology

User Experience Testing

Test the effectiveness of your videos before publishing them on your website, or TikTok, Youtube or Instagram channels.

Hyper-optimized footprint

eLearning Experiences

Make your eLearning contents more interactive, engaging and effective.

Fully GDPR and COPC compliant

Custom Company Training

Build light and powerful digital training paths for your employees.

Ease of use


Develop innovative POCs and products to participate in open calls or receive funding.

Patented Science

Customized Advertising

Boost the performance of your digital advertising campaigns.



Analyse and profile your audience by emotional data.

What do they think?

Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

Interactive video has suffered in the past because of it’s high costs and compatibility issues. No more. MorphCast solves this problem by creating a simple, powerful, plug and play platform with great support. Welcome to the interactive video generation.

Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman, Cofounder at UNIT9, UNIT9 Films and UNIT9 Apps
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

MorphCast can change a video on the basis of your age, emotions or whether you're paying attention, just like a storyteller or an actor might change their performance according to their audience. MorphCast is a fascinating technology, with huge future potential.

Martin Percy, BAFTA Award Winning Director
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

I think this project has really opened my mind to the innovation that is now available to us all as filmmakers and storytellers. The future is making technology expand on the story rather than limit it. So I think the possibilities truly are endless.

Jake Graf, Multi Award Winning Writer, Director and Actor
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

One of the brilliant things that we’ve been doing with Verizon Business Group is combining traditional scripted drama production with fantastic new 5G-related technology MorphCast, [...] finding new ways to essentially serve content to audiences.

Geoffrey Goodwin, Senior Director at Yahoo Creative Studios

The most cost effective Interactive Video Platform on the market

Downloading is free and you can create as many interactive videos as you want: you only pay for views. And every month, 2.000 minutes of views are free!


Are you a developer? Check our Emotion AI engine!

The fastest, lightest and most complete facial analysis AI HTML 5 SDK, able to analyse facial expressions and features in any web page or app.

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