Emotion AI made easy, ethical and sustainable

Our values

Our primary objective is to champion the responsible use of our client-side processing Emotion AI, while safeguarding the environment, preserving privacy, and upholding individuals' rights

In Browser Technology


MorphCast Emotion AI processes the facial expressions exclusively in the browser, ensuring the face of the user never leaves the user's device. Additionally, our design intentionally avoids recognizing or identifying individuals. For comprehensive details on MorphCast Emotion AI, please check this page: Emotion AI – Responsibility, Transparency, and Clarity.

Hyper-optimized footprint


To serve our customers better, we place great emphasis on establishing transparent guidelines and policies for the responsible use of Emotion AI. We continuously review and update these guidelines as necessary. Educating our customers and their users about the capabilities and limitations of Emotion AI, and providing them with valuable resources, is a fundamental part of our commitment.

Fully GDPR and COPC compliant


To further exemplify our dedication, we have adopted a robust Code of Ethics that serves as a constant guiding force for both our organization and our customers. Our commitment to acting on climate change is also enshrined in our Carbon Footprint Program, which forms an integral part of our ethical framework.


Establishment of the company

MorphCast emerges as a visionary product under the umbrella of Cynny S.p.A., an innovative SME joint-stock company with diverse shareholding. On March 8th, 2013, in Florence, Italy, MorphCast was born from the pioneering vision of Stefano Bargagni, who recognized that traditional linear videos were no longer sufficient. The question arose: how could a video adapt to the individual viewer?

2014 / 2018

Research and development

A dedicated team of AI researchers within the company, alongside collaborations with two esteemed university research centers, namely CVC Barcelona and MICC Florence, embarked on a four-year journey of intensive research and development. Their mission was to evaluate the feasibility of Stefano’s vision and lay the groundwork for its realization.


Launch of MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK

A significant milestone was achieved with the launch of the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK. This breakthrough product showcased the world’s smallest yet powerful JavaScript engine, empowered by Deep Neural Network AI technology. It enabled seamless analysis of spontaneous facial expressions and features within any web page or application, revolutionizing the way emotions were captured and interpreted.


Launch of MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Media Platform

The MorphCast team realized Stefano’s dream with the introduction of the MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Media Platform. Leveraging cutting-edge facial emotion recognition technology, this platform discerns viewers’ emotions in real-time. It dynamically guides them through customized pathways integrated into video content, all based on their emotional responses. This groundbreaking innovation transformed passive video consumption into an interactive and emotionally engaging experience.


Launch of MorphCast for Zoom and Emotion AI web apps

Driven by the commitment to make Emotion AI even more accessible, MorphCast expanded its offerings with ready-to-use Emotion AI web applications. Among these is MorphCast for Zoom, a plugin specifically designed for Zoom conferences. By seamlessly integrating Emotion AI, it introduces a new level of interaction and engagement to virtual meetings. Empowered by advanced AI algorithms, MorphCast for Zoom accurately detects and interprets participants’ emotions from their facial expressions, enabling hosts to better understand and collaborate more effectively. This development exemplifies MorphCast’s dedication to enhancing emotional analysis across various applications.


Launch of MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference

MorphCast launched the Emotion AI Video Conference, enhancing digital communication by using AI to analyze participants’ emotional responses in real-time. This tool transforms video calls by providing deeper insights into non-verbal cues, promoting more meaningful interactions. This launch marks a key milestone in MorphCast’s commitment to advancing emotion recognition technology.

The people that make MorphCast possible

Stefano Bargagni

Stefano Bargagni

Founder & Ceo

Internet serial entrepreneur with a background in computer science (hardware and software). Stefano codified the first e-commerce platform and founded the online retailer CHL S.p.A. in early 1993, one year before Amazon, going public in IPO after 6 years with a turnover around $100M in year 2000. In the same year, the company sold a single license of the CHL e-commerce platform for $6M to the Spanish group Altadis y Cortefiel (Group 4200B $). Founded two start-ups in the United States in the same years; Pride Inc. and Activei Inc.

Claudia Tomasi

Claudia Tomasi

Account Manager

Since 2008 Claudia has been delivering digital marketing strategies and managing digital project delivery for leading clients. Her focuses are Sales and Marketing.

Chesia Damiani

Chesia Damiani

SEO Specialist

SEO and Content Specialist with a strategic mindset, Chesia began creating and optimizing digital content in 2017. She has worked as a freelancer and for innovation-focused companies.

Michele Caini

Michele Caini

Software Architect

Excellence in software architecture, focuses on IO engine, Chord protocol/algorithm, ECS model, routing system, AI algorithms as lead software architect. C++ gold badge on StackOverflow. Owner of uvw, the most used libuv wrapper in C++ and EnTT library.

Lorenzo Linari

Lorenzo Linari

CTO, Team Coordinator

Lorenzo is the lead software engineer of the AI R&D team for user experience enhancement and personalisation.

Alessandro Beltramin

Alessandro Beltramin

Professional information engineer with a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, Alessandro is responsible for the development of the AI SDK.

Alessandro Vuono

Alessandro Vuono

With a 8 years experience as a developer, Alessandro works on applications design and development.

Katia Sghinolfi

Katia Sghinolfi

With a 30 years experience in accounting, Katia has been working in Cynny since 2013, dealing with accounting and personnel management.