Emotional Interactive Video Platform FAQ

What is MorphCast Emotional Interactive Video Platform?

MorphCast Emotional Interactive Video Platform is a video platform that provides a multimedia format capable of adapting to viewers in real time, especially with their facial expressions. Provides the “MorphCast Studio” interactive video assembly tool, for Mac and Windows, free downloadable from Apple and Microsoft stores. It is cloud based and implements a collaborative environment. The platform serves MorphCast JS / HTML5 Media Player, the web media player that mounts interactive videos in real time in the viewer’s browser or in the app.

MorphCast JS / HTML5 Media Player, when needed, uses MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK as an artificial intelligence engine capable of analyzing the viewer’s face and detecting traits and attributes that can guide multimedia playback in terms of content, effects and layout.


How is MorphCast Emotional Interactive Video Platform different from alternatives? 

MorphCast Interactive Video Platform is the platform that offers the most flexible, easy and fast solution for creating and delivering interactive videos. In addition to the traditional interaction options offered by similar solutions (such as hotspots, overlays, menus, branching narratives, etc.), MorphCast Interactive Video Platform offers the opportunity to create interactions driven by Artificial Intelligence based on the viewer’s facial expressions while watching the video; this is what we call emotional AI interactive video.


How can I get MorphCast Studio?

You can simply download and install MorphCast Studio from Microsoft Store or Apple Store. It’s free and ready to use, enjoy!


How can I learn how to use MorphCast Studio?

Once you start the program, you can register on the platform for free and you’ll have access to some video tutorials.


How does Emotional AI interaction work?

MorphCast Studio is the only tool with facial analysis AI technology (MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK) integrated within the Interactive Video Platform. You can use this feature to create unique emotional interactions within your interactive videos.

It’s very easy: add a trigger in the timeline of a scene, set a rule activating the trigger and the name of the event that will be fired once the trigger sparks; connect an action of any element of the project to the event just named and you will get the whole interaction.


What rules can make triggers spark?

The trigger rules in MorphCast Studio are listed in the drop-down menu on the trigger element. They grow steadily with each release and would already be too many to list here. The areas of interaction can be summarized in:

General rules:

  • Interactions with the mouse or fingers (click, over, exit, tap, hold, etc.)
  • Date, Day, Month, Time
  • Position
  • Device OS used to view the interactive video (Apple, Android….)
  • Browsers used to view the interactive video (Safari, Chrome, Edge…)
  • Social used to view the interactive video (Facebook App, Whatsapp, Twitter…)

Facial analysis rules

  • Presence of faces from 0 to 6
  • Head pose on the tree axes: pitch, roll, yaw
  • Age, Gender, more than 30 face features like: colour and type of hair, earrings, eyeglasses, heavy Makeup, lipstick, mustache and so on
  • Emotions (scientific accuracy comparison)
  • Arousal and Valence (circumplex model of affect, scientific paper reference).


Does the MorphCast interactive video require the camera to be opened by the viewer?

Only if the project includes a rule that provides for facial analysis, MorphCast interactive video requires the use of the camera, otherwise it does not even download the artificial intelligence for facial analysis.


What about privacy if the project requires users to open the camera? How secure is MorphCast?

MorpCast takes your privacy and data-safety very seriously. Our AI facial analysis technology doesn’t record or archive any personal data: MorphCast’s AI uses the device’s camera as a sensor, not as a video image recorder. For this reason, MorphCast’s AI technology can be considered totally safe and risk-free.

In addition, privacy is guaranteed by the fact that MorphCast accesses personal data (face image) only if granted by the user; only for the time strictly necessary to process the features (about 100 milliseconds), only when the application is active and only for the stated purposes. Such images are never transmitted, stored or shared with others. For more background on this, we strongly recommend reading the GDPR documentation.


OK for the privacy regulation but do people really open the camera?

Based on our metrics and customer feedback, camera open rates range from 63% to 88%, depending on context and creativity.


Can I create interactive videos within MorphCast Studio without the AI facial expression analysis technology