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Use case: Human resources

MorphCast Emotion AI helps recruiters automate steps in the candidates selection process, so they can focus on what they can really bring value to

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Emotion AI for Human Resources | MorphCast

Push for tech investment to take advantage of HR automation

“The right technology is key to supporting HR’s new agenda , and 94% of c-suite and HR leaders say digital transformation was already important before COVID-19, with 67% of HR leaders telling us they want to invest more in HR tech” (Sage)

AI benefits

Artificial Intelligence will free up HR to be more strategic (Sage)

Improve the experience of recruiters and candidates

MorphCast Emotion AI can support human resources in the different stages of selecting, managing and training people in the company. The goal of the solutions offered by MorphCast is to help managers and recruiters to streamline, speed up and make processes more effective.

Virtual recruiters made human and natural

Virtual recruiters made human and natural

With MorphCast you can create human artificial recruiters from videos of real people that change based on candidates’ behavior and emotional responses, as well as their age, guiding them through the interview with narrative suited to the individual candidate.

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Emotion analysis during all recruitment phases

Emotion analysis during all recruitment phases

MorphCast Emotion AI allows you to analyse the emotional response of your candidate through all the steps of the recruitment process, from assessment tests to the job interview, live or through video call. This way, recruiters can collect scientific and objective data on each candidate to enrich each one’s profile and optimize the process and final decision.

Corporate training and soft skills assessment and development

Corporate training and soft skills assessment and development

MorphCast allows you to project, build and deliver adaptive training paths, based on each employee’s interactions, emotional response, and level of engagement, to improve personnel’s soft skills and boost performance.

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