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Personalise in-store communication in real-time, interact with your customers based on their demographics and emotions, and gather in-depth data of your clients, with MorphCast

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OOH, Retail & Digital Signage | MorphCast

Take digital signage to the next level with MorphCast Emotion AI

Capture your audience's attention, increase online viewer engagement and boost performance, through personalized and highly engaging interactive emotional experiences, that get results! Measure the success of your digital campaigns through a complete dashboard, and leverage the data collected to optimize future actions.

Digital signage

AI capable of understanding and responding to human emotion will transform the future of the retail. (Brilliant Hunch)

Customization, interactivity, data collection: here are the main benefits of Emotion AI

Personalized and more relevant user experience

Personalized and more relevant user experience

As human beings, we are emotional. That's why Emotion AI brings a new paradigm to the user experience with digital signage, reading the user's emotions and adapting to them. It can communicate product offers and discounts based on its demographics. It can personalize content based on his level of attention and engagement.

More interactivity, more engagement

More interactivity, more engagement

To boost engagement, empower your target audience to lead! Interactive digital signage allows you to enable people to learn more about your brand, discover your products (those they are really interested in) or just be entertained. Emotional interactivity makes your experiences more memorable, helping to enhance customer interest, increase brand loyalty, and measure performances.

Easier and deeper 
                            data collection

Easier and deeper data collection

The main purpose of digital signage is to deliver information. Why not also start collecting data, through Emotion AI? MorphCast allows you to have a more detailed understanding of who your users are (in terms of likely age and gender), what products or services they are most interested in, what emotion they feel when exposed to specific content, and a lot more.

Review performance in a powerful, detailed dashboard

Review performance in a powerful, detailed dashboard

Check the performance of digital contents for an accurate understanding of campaign success; analyze valuable data of the audience, such as demographics, engagement and emotions, to optimize future strategies.

MorphCast solutions recommended for OOH, Retail & Digital Signage

OOH, Retail & Digital Signage case studies

Dyson | Pop Up #AirEmotions

MorphCast Emotion AI captures the moment of most customers satisfaction in Dyson’s #AirEmotions product demo. Creative agency Gruppo Roncaglia created an experience to show how easily Dyson Airwrap styles each types of hair. And then capture the moment of most...
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Accenture | Emotional responsive digital displays

With MorphCast Emotion AI, retailers can adapt contents to their customers in real time. In the heart of Milan’s Digital Innovation District some of the world’s leading fashion and luxury brands come to experience emerging technologies that anticipate game-changing business,...
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