MorphCast Emotional AI HTML5 SDK – FAQ

Effective June 5, 2023

Q: What is MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK?

A: The MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK empowers developers to integrate MorphCast Emotion AI Technology into their web or mobile applications.

Q: What is the purpose of this FAQ document?

A: This document provides detailed insights into the technical aspects and specific arguments related to the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK. For more general information about our Emotion AI Technology, we recommend consulting the complete FAQ document for Emotion AI, which covers a broader range of topics in the field.

Q: How is MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK different from alternatives?

A: The MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK takes a client-side approach, processing AI tasks directly on the user’s device instead of relying on a server. This offers benefits such as faster processing, reduced latency, and enhanced privacy. To explore the advantages of choosing our client-side Emotion AI, please visit the following site page: advantages of choosing our client-side Emotion AI.

Q: How can I get a MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK full features license?

A: You can request a MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK license by registering to MorphCast at the MorphCast site Emotion AI registration form. The license key you will receive immediately by email, enables you to use the SDK and all WEB APP available on the MorphCast site.

Q: How many hours a Javascript programmer needs to integrate the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK in a website?

A: The integration time for the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK into a website can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the application and the programmer’s experience. However, MorphCast offers a quick start configurator that simplifies the integration process.

With the quick start configurator, it takes just a few clicks and less than a minute to integrate the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK into a web page. This feature is designed to provide a seamless and hassle-free integration experience, allowing developers to quickly leverage the power of Emotion AI in their applications.

Q: Besides the quick start configurator, is there any detailed library documentation?

A: Absolutely! We understand the importance of providing comprehensive technical documentation for programmers to fully leverage the potential of the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK. Our documentation is designed to cater to the needs of even the most demanding programmers.

The technical documentation we have prepared covers all aspects of the SDK, offering detailed explanations, usage examples, and best practices. It provides a step-by-step guide that allows programmers to understand the library’s functionalities, explore advanced features, and effectively integrate it into their applications.

Q: What about Privacy?

A: MorphCast Emotion AI is engineered to neither identify nor recognize individuals. The camera on the device functions as a sensor for MorphCast AI, rather than a video recording tool. The viewer’s facial image, considered personal data, is exclusively processed on the client-side and is promptly discarded. These images are never sent to any external servers. For a detailed understanding, please refer to our Emotion AI Privacy Policy.

Q: How fast does the MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK start up?

A: The MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK ensures fast startup times, typically under 2 seconds in over 95% of cases. This rapid initialization is crucial because it allows the AI SDK to promptly respond to viewers by detecting faces, emotions, age, and gender as soon as a web page is loaded. If the page takes too long to load, viewers may mistakenly believe that the AI functionality is not working, leading to higher bounce rates and decreased engagement. The SDK’s small size, under 1 MB (and potentially even smaller depending on the modules utilized), further contributes to its swift startup time.

Q: What platforms does the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK support?

A: MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK supports all HTML5-compliant browsers.

Q: How can the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK fluidly run deep learning models on a browser?

A: The MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK utilizes optimized deep learning models that are specifically designed to run efficiently on the user’s device. By harnessing the power of the user’s graphics processing unit (GPU), the SDK accelerates processing and maximizes the GPU capabilities through backends like WebAssembly and WebGL. This approach ensures that the MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK achieves faster performance and reduced execution time, surpassing CPU-native apps even on mobile devices. Furthermore, the lightweight deep learning models developed and fine-tuned by the MorphCast team deliver superior performance in terms of size and execution time compared to alternative solutions.

Q: How is MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK different from Google Tensorflow.js? Is it a competitor?

A: The MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK and Google TensorFlow.js are both tools for building machine learning models that can be executed within a web browser environment. However, they serve different purposes. The MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK focuses specifically on real-time emotion recognition and analysis. It is designed to provide market-ready solutions for emotion-related tasks, offering comprehensive functionalities in this domain. On the other hand, TensorFlow.js is a more general-purpose machine learning library that allows developers to build various types of machine learning models to run in a browser. It offers a wide range of capabilities beyond emotion recognition and analysis, making it suitable for diverse machine learning tasks. While TensorFlow.js is a versatile and powerful library, it does not provide ready-made solutions out of the box, aside from a few examples. In contrast, the MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK utilizes the WebDNN library as the engine for running deep learning models directly in the browser. WebDNN is an open-source project that the MorphCast team actively contributes to, and it provides the necessary infrastructure for efficient execution of deep learning models.

Q: Does my device/app need an Internet connection to run MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK?

A: Yes, the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK is capable of running locally on the user’s device without an Internet connection. However, please note that an Internet connection is necessary for downloading the library, as well as for licensing and support purposes.

Q: What kind of things can  MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK be used for? What sectors/industries can use the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK?

A:  To explore the versatility of the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK, we recommend exploring our extensive collection of use cases on our site, the showcases and the demonstrations. These resources showcase the wide range of applications where the SDK can be utilized, providing you with a broad idea of the library’s potential uses.

Q: How much does MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK cost?

A:For a comprehensive understanding of the Emotion AI HTML5 SDK pricing policy, we invite you to visit our dedicated page: Emotion AI HTML5 SDK Pricing Policy. This page will provide you with all the necessary details and information regarding our pricing structure.

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