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MorphCast is not only Emotion AI: with our Interactive Video Platform you can create interactive videos quickly and easily, to engage your audience in a whole new way!

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Interactive video with Emotion AI | MorphCast

Boost engagement with interactivity

MorphCast Interactive Video Platform is the most flexible, easy to use and fast solution to let creatives design highly engaging interactive contents in minutes. No digital production companies needed, no code skills needed: you can make everything you need with our professional tool!

Enhanced performance

Interactive video ads boost viewing time 47% (Marketing Dive)

Interactivity enhances user engagement, converts more, and maximizes the effectiveness of training

Education & Training

Education & Training

Interactive training experiences provide experiential and immersive learning, involving the learners in the management of their own educational journey, to drive higher engagement and maximize results.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising

Interactive video ads are more memorable and engaging than linear ads, and convert more, as they allow viewers explore contents and have fun while learning more about your brand, services and products.



Non-linear digital contents put viewers in the driver's seat, allowing them to explore information to easily find the ones they are interested in.

MorphCast solutions recommended for Interactive video

Interactive video case studies

Yahoo | Business Moves

An informative interactive video to understand the new rules for importing goods from the EU to the UK. The UK’s exit from the EU has affected the way businesses import, export and transport goods. But how do these new rules affect...
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