Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard in Your Website

Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard in Your Website

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Integrate AI emotion statistics into your website in just one minute!

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2 Copy and paste the minimized snippet code in your page
3 Enjoy your dashboard!

MorphCast AI Emotion Statistics: Thanks to AI facial emotion recognition (FER), empower your strategy with data-driven decisions through real-time emotional statistics on your website.

MorphCast AI Facial Emotion Statistics is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and analyzing the emotional impact of your web content, web apps, or even native iOS or Android apps. Whether you’re looking to enhance your audience’s engagement, optimize the design of your site, or conduct market research, this dashboard can provide you with the data you need.

Key Features:

Extremely easy to integrate. Its main strength lies in its rapid deployment. In just a minute, you have your dashboard ready to collect valuable statistical data for your work! The dashboard is seamlessly integrated with the MorphCast Facial Emotion Recognition AI engine. Once the snippet code is paste into your web pages, you can immediately start monitoring and analyzing the emotions of your users.

What it can track. The dashboard offers a series of detailed reports covering a wide variety of emotional metrics:

  • Arousal
  • Valence
  • 98 affects (Russel, Sherer, Klaus model)
  • Quadrants (Russel, Sherer, Klaus model)
  • 6 emotions (Ekman model)
  • Attention
  • Positivity

Refer to this document about “How our Emotion AI works – Responsibility, Transparency and Clarity” that explains how and what MorphCast Emotion AI can track. With just a click, you can select the modules to activate, determining what you want to track in your dashboard.

User-friendly. The user interface of the dashboard is designed to be easy to use. You can easily switch from one analysis to another, filter data based on various criteria, and customize reports to suit your needs. Various downloads are available such as CSV file, PDF, Json.

Support for various devices. You can access the dashboard from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This allows you to monitor the emotions of your users at any time and place.

Privacy. The data collected by MorphCast are entirely anonymous statistics and cannot be traced back to an individual. However, you are often legally required to inform your users about what you are tracking and for what purpose. You can refer to our privacy policy as a creative starting point for your own. The app offers a tailor-made privacy advisory for users.


In line with our philosophy of providing free and valuable tools and services, we have implemented a generous Freemium model. For more details and opportunities to get free licences, check out our pricing policy!


The MorphCast AI Facial Emotion Statistics is a groundbreaking solution that brings together integration convenience, and in-depth emotional tracking, thereby revolutionizing the way you engage with your audience. This dashboard is not just about numbers or stats, but about understanding the emotional responses of your users to your contents.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with web content, apps, and even native iOS or Android apps, it allows businesses and professionals to monitor and analyze the emotional impact of their content. Its USP lies in its ability to deploy rapidly, within just a few minutes, and start gathering valuable insights instantly.

The level of customization is another aspect that sets the MorphCast AI Emotion Statistics apart. You can choose what to track and how detailed you want the reports to be. The spectrum of emotions that can be analyzed is extensive, ranging from basic emotions to affect models with 98 different mood.

Furthermore, the dashboard has been designed with you in mind. Its interface is straightforward and easy to use, facilitating seamless transition between analyses, filtering data, and customizing reports. You can access it from any device with an internet connection, giving you the flexibility to keep track of your users’ emotions anytime, anywhere.

However, with the great power of data collection comes the great responsibility of privacy. It’s essential to inform your users about the tracking and its purpose, while ensuring that the data collected remains anonymous and untraceable to individuals. MorphCast provides a privacy policy template, but it’s recommended to personalize it to maintain transparency with your users.

Given its powerful features and the immense value it can add to understanding user engagement, the MorphCast Emotion AI Dashboard is a game-changing tool. Check out our pricing policy and you’ll find that such a comprehensive solution comes at a surprisingly affordable cost.

MorphCast Emotion AI marks a paradigm shift in emotional tracking and offers a valuable resource for enhancing user engagement and refining content strategy.

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