MorphCast for Zoom
MorphCast for Zoom

Emotion AI for Zoom:
AI decoding facial reactions in real-time in Zoom conference

Enhance your Zoom video conferences by adding the MorphCast Attention Tracking Analytics from the Zoom Marketplace. Unlock the advanced features for tracking attention, engagement, and emotions.

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MorphCast for Zoom

MorphCast for Zoom enables you to:

  • Detect emotions: Understand your audience’s emotional reactions in real-time.
  • Measure attention: Check the participants’ level of attention.
  • Assess engagement: Quantify how engaged your audience is.
  • And much more: Key features evolve weekly.

All of this happens in real-time, as you engage with your audience! Plus, you can review all the detected data through a comprehensive analytics dashboard after the video conference.

Real-time statistics

During a Zoom conference, MorphCast seamlessly analyzes and provides instant visual feedback, allowing you to adjust your approach on the fly to better resonate with participants and enhance engagement.

Whether you’re a psychologist, educator, seller, recruiter, or performer, this tool in your hands could turn out to be your ace in the hole.

Detailed analytics dashboard accessible anytime

MorphCast also provides insights and analytics on the emotional dynamics of the conference, which can be used to improve future meetings and interactions. For example, the technology can show which participants are most engaged, the main emotional states during the meeting, and even which moments in the meeting are capturing the most attention or causing a decrease in engagement.

Check out our CEO’s article on the subject.

Never wonder again if your students are getting bored

As an educator managing remote classes, it can be challenging to discern whether students or coachees, spread out in a crowded online conferencing room, are truly engaged with the lesson. MorphCast for Zoom provides you with the tools to monitor their reactions in real time. Are you noticing a drop in attention? It might be time to take a break, modify your presentation style, or shift to a lighter topic. Additionally, our post-lesson attention and engagement statistics offer insights into the lesson’s dynamics, enabling you to plan future sessions with invaluable data at your disposal.

Transforming therapy with AI insights

Every therapist or health professional must closely monitor their patients’ emotional journey. With MorphCast for Zoom, achieving this becomes seamless. How did your patient feel at the start of the session? Could you observe any emotional shifts by the end? Our advanced Emotion AI engine equips you with the tools for a deeper understanding of the nuanced dynamics in your patient’s emotional expressions. Furthermore, by analyzing session data through our dashboard, you can track emotional trends and patterns over time, enhancing patient care with informed insights.

Morphcast for Zoom AI Integration

AI Integration

Integrate AI into all your activities by incorporating MorphCast for Zoom into your video conferences, regardless of the field or purpose

Forget data headaches

Our complete guide helps you crack the code on MorphCast  Emotional AI data in a snap.

We’ll show you how to understand all the data it finds, and track trends with cool reports and charts. This power up guide is your key to getting insights that will take your strategy to the next level.

Ethics, responsibility and security

Safety, ethics, and doing things right are at the core of everything we do. That means building our facial emotion AI with these things in mind, from the ground up and all the way through updates.

We’re all about transparency and clarity. That’s why we regularly check for any risks and follow the strictest data privacy rules. We also know our AI isn’t perfect, so we constantly work to make sure it’s fair and unbiased.

Privacy policy

We hear you – privacy matters! That’s why we built-in some serious privacy features to keep your users’ data safe. Our AI works right on their device, so their face never leaves it. The info it gathers, like how focused they are, how engaged they get, and even their emotions, is all encrypted and locked down tight to prevent misuse or anyone peeking in without permission. Plus, your users are always in control – they can opt out  of emotional data processing by MorphCast at any time, keeping their feelings private during those virtual meetings.

To fully comprehend your rights and responsibilities, please review the MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Have questions? Find answers now at MorphCast for Zoom FAQs.

MorphCast for Zoom: Empower communication with emotional insight!

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MorphCast for Zoom: Empower communication with emotional insight!