Emotion reader AI JS HTML5 SDK is the smallest and powerful JavaScript API, based on Deep Neural Network AI, able to analyse spontaneous facial expressions and features in any web page or app

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Methods, evaluation, risks
User's privacy is
safe and sound

MorphCast User privacy

The MorphCast Responsibility, Transparency and Clarity Documentation details how the Emotion AI HTML5 SDK JavaScript API works, the methods for extracting data, information about the sources of data, methods used for evaluating the system, as well as any known limitations or biases.

We also provide information on potential risks and benefits of using the emotional AI system, as well as guidelines for safe and effective use.

MorphCast Emotion AI is designed not to recognize nor identify people. The device's camera is used by MorphCast AI as a sensor, not as a video image recorder. Personal data (the image frame of the viewer’s face) is analyzed and processed on the client-side only and immediately deleted. Such images are not transmitted to any servers belonging to anyone. For more information, please check out our Emotion AI Privacy Policy.

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In Browser Technology

Easy and fast integration

Use our quick start configurator to embed into your HTML page just one snippet that loads a small library (<1MB), making it 10x faster than alternatives. Or use one of these frameworks:

In Browser Technology In Browser Technology In Browser Technology In Browser Technology In Browser Technology In Browser Technology In Browser Technology
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Hyper-optimized footprint

100% scalability

All computation is carried out entirely using native browser-side javascript; it can easily scale to unlimited concurrent users.

Fully GDPR and COPC compliant

Platform Agnostic

Working into most popular browsers, MorphCast SDK is free from any ties to a specific platform or system and runs equally well across more platforms and devices (smartphone, tablet and PCs).

MorphCast brand new possibilities and performance

Brand new possibilities and performance

Only 28% camera denied
3x increased customer satisfaction*
* Source Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals

  • Build engaging customer experiences, getting closer to your target audience
  • Improve brand experiences and communications, customizing and targeting content based on viewers’ demographics and emotions
  • Providing valuable insights to grow your business
  • It can be easily and quickly configured to meet your needs
  • Collect emotional data to enrich your users’ database

Measure your success

With the optional product MorphCast’s statistics dashboard, you can evaluate the results of your experiences, through graphs, charts and interaction metrics. Start measuring how your contents perform and adjust your customer experience based on their emotional reaction!

MorphCast Measure your success
MorphCast Fastest facial analysis Emotion AI HTML SDK

The fastest, lightest and most complete facial analysis Emotion AI HTML5 SDK

Use MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK in digital campaigns, videoconferencing, digital learning, e-commerce, HR interviews, or any other digital project where the Emotion AI can give you an edge.

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Pricing for Emotion AI HTML5 SDK

No upfront investment, 2000 free monthly minutes & never spend more than 50 Euros. Take a look at our pricing plans!

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