Our AI HTML5 emotion recognition SDK is designed to analyse spontaneous facial expressions that people show in their daily interactions.

What makes us
the market leader?


The file size of MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK is under 1MB, so it’s super-fast.

Multi Platform

In browser technology (javascript) across desktop, mobile, and digital displays.


Our AI HTML5 SDK is GDPR Compliant.

The fastest, lightest and most complete facial analysis AI HTML 5 SDK

Use MorphCast AI HTML5 SDK to easily add face analysis to any website, app or digital campaign to create more enriching digital experience.

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facial analysis AI HTML 5 SDK


In Browser Technology

In Browser Technology

All computation is carried out entirely using native client-side javascript with 100% scalability.

Hyper-optimized footprint

Hyper-optimized footprint

Less than 1MB giving us a loading speed up to 10x faster than our closest competitor.

Fully GDPR and COPC compliant

Fully GDPR and COPC compliant

All personal data is processed instantly and immediately destroyed. No biometric data is recorded.

Ease of use

Easy Integration

Embed just a snippet in your HTML page and listen for AI events. Exhaustive tutorials, documentation and FAQ.

Patented Science

Patented Technology

Strong foundation of several years of development with three patents granted and one pending.



We have been validated by published independent academic researches.


What will you create?

With MorphCast AI HTML 5 SDK, developers can easily add an emotion and demographic analysis layer to their web sites, landing pages and Apps, creating exciting, adaptive digital experiences. MorphCast is being used across digital campaigns, corporate learning, eLearning, e-commerce, digital out-of-home and many other uses.

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Documentation | FAQ

Build the AI HTML5 SDK that is right for you

We offer a range of flexible options to ensure you get the best priced SDK configured for your project.


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