MorphCast Emotion AI WEB APPs – FAQ

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Last Update April 1, 2024

What is the MorphCast Emotion AI Web Apps place?

MorphCast Emotion AI Web Apps place offers pre-built web applications for integrating emotion recognition into various fields. These user-friendly apps require minimal technical skills, providing features like facial recognition, real-time emotion tracking, and custom reports. They’re useful for analyzing customer behavior and market trends, enhancing engagement and marketing strategies. Prioritizing data privacy, most of the apps process data locally without storing images. Their flexible pricing is based on usage time, allowing for cost-effective trials and usage.

How do I access and use MorphCast Emotion AI Web Apps?

To access and use our MorphCast Emotion AI web apps, visit our page “apps“, select the app of your choice, and start with a free license. Continue using it if it meets your needs. Our pricing plans are tailored for free generous normal use, with limits. Exceeding these limits involves specific charges per app. This approach allows free access for everyone and fair pricing for high-volume usage, helping us recover the significant investments made to offer everyone powerful and user-friendly technology.

How does MorphCast Emotion AI ensure the privacy and security of user data?

MorphCast Emotion AI web apps prioritize your privacy and data security. They use the device’s camera only as a sensor, processing data locally without storing or sharing images. Most apps operate entirely on your device, ensuring no data is exported. For comprehensive details on how we handle user data, please consult the Privacy Policy of each specific app.

Do the Apps have statistics or some sort of dashboard to view the data collected?

Yes. Many apps have the help of anonymous aggregate statistics equipped with dashboards and the possibility of downloading data in csv and json format. For more information on the graphs and extracted data, see our guide to interpret data generated by Emotion AI.

How much do MorphCast Emotion AI Web Apps cost?

Each month begins with a generous allocation of complimentary usage. Should your usage exceed this complimentary threshold, your plan will seamlessly upgrade to a more advanced tier. Likewise, a decrease in usage in subsequent months will result in an automatic downgrade to a plan that better suits your reduced needs. This ensures a flexible and cost-effective solution tailored to your actual needs. The MorphCast Apps Plans and Pricing can help you to forecast your costs for most of the apps.

Is it possible to obtain a license for free, non-commercial use?

Yes, if you are affiliated with a university or are conducting research, you may be eligible to obtain a no-cost license for non-commercial use. Startups may also receive special consideration for such licenses. Please proceed to acquire the necessary license through our web site channel, and then send us an email ( to inform us of your status. This will allow us to verify that you qualify for a no-cost, non-commercial license.

How Do I Make Payments?

If you exceed the minimum threshold specified in the pricing plans of the app choosen, you will receive a report of your daily consumption and the most cost-effective plan will be automatically applied to you, along with a proforma invoice detailing the amount for the respective plan. You will have the option to make payment within 30 days using one of the methods indicated in the proforma invoice. This process repeats every month, so you also renew the free plan’s bonus every month. For more information and details, please refer to the payment chapter of the terms of service ralated to the choosen app.

Do all apps have the same price?

No. While most apps operate under a single usage license and have the same price, some require more infrastructure and bandwidth costs, such as videoconference apps. Please refer to the individual app for specific plans and pricing details.

Can I develop my own Emotion AI app using MorphCast Emotion AI technology?

Yes, you can develop your own Emotion AI app using MorphCast’s Emotion AI HTML5 SDK. This client-side JavaScript SDK simplifies the process of building and customizing apps with MorphCast’s facial emotion recognition technology. To assess whether our SDK meets your needs, we recommend consulting the MorphCast Emotion AI HTML5 SDK technical documentation and FAQ.

What industries can benefit from using MorphCast Emotion AI Web Apps?

MorphCast Emotion AI web apps are versatile and can benefit numerous industries and professionals. Beyond market research, retail, entertainment, healthcare, and education, they are valuable for health, finance, eLearning, training, human resources, automotive, product innovation, digital advertising, interactive video, video conferencing, webinars, avatar integration, robotic interaction, retail, digital signage, mobility, out-of-home advertising, and customer service. These apps provide insights into emotional data, aiding various professionals like psychologists, lawyers, actors, and doctors in understanding behavior and trends, enhancing customer engagement, and improving services and experiences.

What do I do if I need a customized solution?

If you need a customized solution for a specific project or services, please contact MorphCast by filling out our contact form. Our team will gladly assist you and provide a personalized solution or connect you with our many system integrator clients who can tailor a solution for you.

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