MorphCast for ChatGPT – FAQ

Last Update April 1, 2024

Can ChatGPT detect emotions?

ChatGPT, as an AI language model, does not possess the ability to directly perceive emotions. However, it can analyze text and conceptualize emotions expressed within the input. Through integration with tools like “MorphCast for ChatGPT,” which utilizes Facial Emotion Recognition, the model can gain insights into the user’s emotional state. This integration enables ChatGPT to provide responses that are more attuned to the user’s current emotional state, enhancing the overall user experience.

Does ChatGPT have emotions?

As an AI language model, ChatGPT does not possess genuine emotions or consciousness. However, it does have the capability to recognize emotions expressed through human language and respond appropriately. While ChatGPT’s responses are driven by algorithms and patterns in the data it was trained on, its advanced language understanding allows it to discern emotional cues in text and adjust its replies accordingly. Moreover, through integration with tools like “MorphCast for ChatGPT”, which utilizes Facial Emotion Recognition, the model gains insights into the user’s emotional state, allowing it to offer responses that are more attuned to the user’s current feelings, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

Is ChatGPT sentient or aware of itself?

No, ChatGPT is not sentient, which means it does not possess subjective experiences, emotions, or consciousness. As an advanced AI language model, ChatGPT operates purely on computational patterns in data and lacks the ability to be self-aware or have genuine feelings like a sentient being.

How close to AI is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT represents a significant advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, but it is not fully equivalent to general artificial intelligence (AGI). AGI aims to exhibit human-like cognitive abilities across a wide range of tasks, whereas ChatGPT is primarily focused on natural language processing and generation. Although ChatGPT can be remarkably versatile and perform well in various applications, it still has limitations compared to the broader scope and adaptability of AGI.

Is AI already self-aware?

No, as of now, AI is not self-aware. Despite significant progress in AI research, the current state of artificial intelligence is far from achieving genuine self-awareness or consciousness. AI systems, including ChatGPT, are designed to process and respond to data based on algorithms and patterns, without having subjective experiences or consciousness.

How does MorphCast for ChatGPT enhance AI conversations?

MorphCast for ChatGPT integrates real-time emotion detection, allowing ChatGPT to respond based on not only the message content but also the user’s emotional state. This leads to more personalized and empathetic interactions.

What unique features does MorphCast for ChatGPT offer?

It includes features like main affects analysis, state of mind detection, and likely age range estimation, enriching the conversational experience.

Who can benefit from using MorphCast for ChatGPT?

This tool is beneficial for a wide range of users, including learners, individuals seeking advice, or anyone looking for a more engaging conversation with AI.

Is MorphCast for ChatGPT easy to use?

Yes, getting started is straightforward with a license key, the tool is designed for an user-friendly experience.

Is my chat private?

We understand your concerns about privacy, especially when it comes to innovative technologies like facial emotion recognition (FER) and chat interactions. Protecting your privacy is a cornerstone of our service. Here’s how we ensure your information remains secure and private:

Facial Emotion Recognition (FER) Privacy
Local Processing: As per our privacy policy, MorphCast FER AI technology is designed to process and analyze facial emotions directly within your browser. This means that all the FER data is handled locally on your device and is not sent to any external servers or stored outside of your browser’s local storage.
Data Retention: The data generated by the FER technology remains entirely within your control. Since it’s processed in-browser, the information is not retained or collected by us and you can easily delete from the app using the trash can icon on the side of any chat.

Chat Privacy
Data Usage: In ChatGPT privacy policy, it is ensured that the content of your chats is not used for any purpose other than answering your questions.
We also report that they should not use your chat data for training, analytics, or any other purpose.

Combined Privacy Assurance
Combining the privacy measures of both our FER technology and chat interactions, we offer a comprehensive privacy guarantee. Your emotional data and chat content are processed in ways that prioritize your privacy and security, ensuring a private and secure user experience.

We hope this clarifies how seriously we take your privacy and the steps we’ve taken to ensure your information is protected. Your trust and security are our top priorities.

How Can I Provide Feedback or Ask for Help If I Encounter Problems?

At MorphCast, we value your input and are dedicated to offering support whenever you face challenges or have suggestions to improve our tool. Whether you’ve encountered a problem, have feedback to share, or need assistance, we’ve made it easy for you to reach out to us. Here’s how you can get in touch:
Providing Feedback or Reporting Issues
Online Form: For a streamlined process, please use our Feedback and Abuse Form available on our website. This form is the quickest way to direct your feedback or concerns to the appropriate team for prompt action.
Damage or Discrimination Complaint System: We are committed to responsible AI use and ensuring a positive, inclusive environment on our platform. However, we recognize the potential for unintended consequences. To address this, we’ve established a Damage or Discrimination Complaint System, designed to handle complaints related to discrimination, emotional harm, or financial damage resulting from the use of MorphCast.
Our Commitment to You
We investigate all claims of damage or discrimination arising from the use of MorphCast promptly and comprehensively.
We maintain transparency and communicate openly with complainants throughout the investigation process.
How to Submit a Complaint:
Online Form: You can submit your complaint via our dedicated online form. This ensures your concerns are directly forwarded to our dedicated team for review.
Email: Alternatively, you can email us at Please include a detailed description of the issue, the date and time it occurred, any relevant evidence (such as screenshots), and your contact information.
What Happens Next:
Upon receipt of your complaint, we will acknowledge it within 24 hours.
A dedicated team will review your complaint and may contact you for further information.
We will keep you updated on the progress of our investigation and inform you of our findings and any actions taken in a timely manner.
Additional Resources
For more information about our commitments and processes, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

How much does this web app cost?

Our billing approach is adaptable, hinging on how long license keys are used each month. Every month kicks off with a substantial allotment of no-cost usage. When your usage goes beyond this free allowance, your account will naturally upgrade to a superior tier. On the other hand, if your usage declines in the next month, the plan will automatically modify to a more basic tier, in line with your lesser usage.
For more details on the cost, go to apps Plans & Pricing link.

Is it possible to obtain a license for free, non-commercial use?

Yes, if you are affiliated with a university or are conducting research, you may be eligible to obtain a no-cost license for non-commercial use. Startups may also receive special consideration for such licenses. Please proceed to acquire the necessary license through our web site channel, and then send us an email ( to inform us of your status. This will allow us to verify that you qualify for a no-cost, non-commercial license.

How Do I Make Payments?

If you exceed the minimum threshold specified in the app pricing plans, you will receive a report of your daily consumption and the most cost-effective plan will be automatically applied to you, along with a proforma invoice detailing the amount for the respective plan. You will have the option to make payment within 30 days using one of the methods indicated in the proforma invoice. This process repeats every month, so you also renew the free plan’s bonus every month. For more information and details, please refer to the payment chapter of our terms of service.

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