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Get the most out of your digital advertising campaigns by turning linear, passive videos into emotional interactive experiences, that multiply engagement

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Digital advertising | MorphCast

Dramatically increase the effectiveness of your ADV campaigns

Digital signage does not just mean the opportunity to have a space to support advertising initiatives through which to deliver commercials and information. It is a true digital window, which can also be leveraged to collect data on your audience, to measure the performance of ongoing initiatives and to optimize future ones.

Interactive ADS

Interactive ads are more cost efficient, with investment going 52% further when the impact on persuasion of interactive ads is accounted for, versus ads without interactive features (MAGNA)

Easily create disruptive digital experiences, and only pay for minutes of view.

With MorphCast Emotion AI services you can project and build interactive ADV campaigns to engage with your users on a higher level, shifting from a passive to an active experience. Not only traditional interactive contents, but also emotional interactions, to adapt the experience based on your viewers mood, attention, engagement, and much more!

Interactive Experiences

Interactive Experiences

Adding buttons, call to actions, quizzes and other interactions to your digital video campaign gets viewers more involved in the experience and taking actions right when you want them to.

Emotional analytics

Emotional Interactive Experiences

Including emotional interactions in your contents shortens the distance between you and your audience and makes the user experience truly personalized and unique. The user will feel at the center of communication, receive the right messages at the right time, and perceive more of the brand's value.

Emotional analytics

Analyze performances in a complete dashboard

Review the performance of your videos for a more precise understanding of campaign success by analyzing a complete and sophisticated dashboard that allows you to measure views, engagement, paths and more.

MorphCast solutions recommended for Digital advertising

Digital advertising case studies

Coca-Cola | Transform your feelings into art

Coca Cola has chosen MorphCast Emotion AI to launch a new limited edition product within its Creations line. Check out this new, interactive Coca Cola Emotion AI advertising campaign!Reflektor Digital, the agency behind this amazing Coca Cola Emotion AI advertising...
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ASICS | Mind Uplifter

With this digital campaign ASICS captures the impact of different sports using MorphCast Emotion AI. ASICS invites everyone to be part of a unique experiment: the world’s first live study into the impact of movement on the mind. This campaign...
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Lexus | Feel your best

An emotionally intelligent and unique film experience that responds to the viewers’ emotions. Unit9 (award-winning production studio) created an extraordinary film experience to mark the launch of the Lexus ES Full Hybrid Electric. The video is designed to understand adapt...
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Rado Watches | Feel it!

MorphCast analyses users’ emotions to suggest the whatches that better matches their personality profile. Rado has always been a pioneer. It is the only brand in the watch industry to focus on future and innovation, instead of past and tradition....
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San Miguel | Find your rich

Material or experiential richness? The San Miguel experience will help you understand what your inner self desires. Leading UK creative agency Pablo created an amazing campaign for San Miguel. It asks drinkers a simple but powerful question: what does it...
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Alpitour | Ragione vs Emozione

Morphcast assists you in understanding what you desire in a vacation just by recognizing your emotional reactions. When we plan a holiday, we usually activate our brains. How many people? What is our budget?What if we start listening to our...
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