MorphCast for Zoom Freemium Model

Transparent, flexible
generous try-for-free

Our payment scheme is aligned to Zoom pricing policy: designed to offer you complete transparency and ease, allowing you to freely explore and use the MorphCast for Zoom app for everyday needs without any charges. However, in the event of extensive or intensive usage, you may incur charges that are proportional to the scale and intensity of your usage.

At MorphCast, our aim is to supply you with useful tools and services while minimizing monetary constraints. To that end, we've established a "pay as you go" plan which features more than 133 gratis hours (8,000 minutes) of usage each month for you.

This plan is optimal for those who engage with our services in regular quantities, enabling you to benefit from our technology at no expense.

Let's assume an example where there are 200 attendees per month, and the average duration of each video call is 40 minutes. Based on these parameters, the total minutes of video conferencing usage for the month would be:

200 attendees * 40 minutes = 8,000 minutes

In this scenario, the usage falls within the allocated 8,000 free minutes provided by MorphCast's "pay as you go" plan.

However, if your usage exceeds the 8,000-minute allocation, billing will be based on the volume of consumption.

The advantage is that our pricing system is designed to cater to heavy usage as well. As the number of minutes used increases, the cost per minute declines, ensuring our solution remains cost-effective for those with significant volume needs.

Thus, you can enjoy our services without any cost-related worries, and we endeavor to exceed your expectations with our state-of-the-art technology and outstanding support.

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Pay as You Go

*Excluding applicable taxes

The expense is determined by the number of minutes used by each participant per month, with a minimum charge of one minute per attendee.

Are you concerned of receiving an exorbitant bill?

Rest assured, we do not require your credit card details. Prior to making any payment, you will have the opportunity to review a monthly report with daily details. You have a 30-day period to verify the report, and only after your confirmation will you be able to proceed with payment and receive our invoice. All of these procedures are thoroughly explained in the Terms of Use agreed by both of us under the "Payment" section.