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Eggup | Emotion AI assessment tool mAIself
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Eggup | Emotion AI assessment tool mAIself

Eggup, in collaboration with MorphCast, developed mAIself, a sophisticated Emotion AI assessment tool that enhances soft skills through tailored questionnaires and continuous learning. Powered by MorphCast Emotion AI, this service offers a dynamic approach to personal development.


In today’s scenario, where workspaces and work practices are becoming more flexible and dynamic, managing and
enabling workers is also becoming increasingly more complex and challenging. mAIself uses personalized questionnaires to analyze and improve users’ soft skills in the workplace. MorphCast Emotion AI tracks the emotional state and engagement of users during the learning process, providing real-time feedback and tailored recommendations.

mAIself Experience

The process involves 3 simple steps:

Personalized Assessment: Users complete customized questionnaires that assess their soft skills.

Real-Time Emotional Analysis: MorphCast Emotion AI monitors users’ emotions and engagement levels throughout the assessment.

HR Analytics and Continuous Learning: The gathered data is analyzed to offer personalized suggestions for self-improvement and ongoing learning.


    The integration of MorphCast Emotion AI into the mAIself Emotion AI assessment tool ensures accurate, real-time emotional analysis, providing a highly personalized and effective learning experience.


    mAIself significantly enhances soft skills analysis and development, offering valuable insights and promoting continuous personal growth.

    Key Achievements

    Comprehensive Skill Assessment: Detailed analysis through personalized questionnaires.

    Engagement Monitoring: Real-time tracking of emotional states to optimize learning.

    Customized Development Plans: Personalized suggestions based on HR analytics for continuous improvement.

    By integrating Eggup’s innovative assessment service with MorphCast advanced emotion recognition technology, mAIself establishes a new benchmark for personalized soft skills development in professional settings.

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