Emotion AI HTML5 SDK Pricing Policy

Transparent, flexible
try-for-free pricing

Our pricing model is designed to be transparent and straightforward, giving you the flexibility to try the app and only pay for what you use.

At MorphCast, we believe in providing you with valuable tools and services with a low financial burden. Indeed we have implemented a “pay as you go” model that includes 2,000 free minutes of usage per month for all customers. In this way the technical tests and trials are free, so there's no risk in trying the SDK and seeing how it can benefit your research or business.
We designed this pricing model to cater to the needs of different types of customers, whether you have low or high usage.
This model is perfect for you if you use our services in smaller quantities, and it allows you to use our technology for free without any cost to you.

It's also ideal if you need technical tests, evaluations, proof of concept, or customer demonstrations before entering the production phase.

However, if you exceed the 2,000-minute limit, you will be charged based on your usage.

The good news is that our pricing model is suitable for high consumption too. The more minutes you use, the lower the price per minute becomes, making our service more cost-effective for those that use it in large quantities.
In addition, we are committed to providing free licenses for researchers and can increase the bonus by 2,000 minutes for startups and other special customers.
So, feel free to use our services without worrying about costs, and we hope to exceed your expectations with our top-notch technology and services.

Are you concerned of receiving an exorbitant bill?

Rest assured, we do not require your credit card details. Prior to making any payment, you will have the opportunity to review a monthly report with daily details of our service. You have a 30-day period to verify the report, and only after your confirmation will you be able to proceed with payment and receive our invoice. All of these procedures are thoroughly explained in our Terms of Use under the "Payment" section.

Pay as You Go

*Excluding applicable taxes

The pricing is determined by the SDK's usage in minutes per month, with a minimum fee equivalent to one minute.

We are highly flexible and attentive to our clients' requests. If you would like to discuss a different model, flat or annual or perpetual license, please contact us at [email protected] or via our contact form.

Instructions to go further

A welcome email will be sent to you with simple instructions to start using our Artificial Intelligence SDK.