Emotion AI HTML5 SDK Pricing Policy

Dynamic Pricing, No Subscriptions.
Register once, use freely. Only pay when you truly need more.
Enterprise? We’ve got you covered.

Absolutely free.

  • Full Feature Licence.
  • 2,000 Minutes of Usage for Free Every Month.
    Just get your licence and dive in. Stay within the 2,000-minute limit, and you won’t see an invoice.
  • Perfect For Trials And Tests.
    Experience the full power of our AI without any costs.

Unlimited access
at a fixed rate.

  • Full Feature Licence.
  • All-You-Can-Use for Just 50 Euros/Month.
    No subscriptions. No upgrades.
  • Automatically Switches Post 2,000 Minutes.
    Use more? You’re on Pro. Use less next month? You’re back to Basic.
  • Uninterrupted Access.
    No unforeseen blockage, whatever your plan of choice.
  • Receive a Report of Your Usage Every Month.
    You have 30 days to dispute it before paying.

Tailored solutions for advanced needs.

  • Full Feature Licence.
  • Proper Service Level.
  • Tailored Service for Enterprises.
    This plan is ideal for bigger projects and larger companies with advanced management needs.
  • Custom Contracts.
    Crafted specifically for your business, ensuring aligned terms.
  • Strategic Consulting Included.
    Get our expert guidance and support in evaluating any use case could match your project idea.
  • Support for Integration by Our Tech Department.
    We will assist you with seamless integration of our product into your existing systems.
  • White Label Option.
    Customize our product under your own brand name and identity.
  • Project Management Support.
    We will help you ensure the successful execution and delivery of your projects.
  • Flat Rate Pricing, Starting from 300 Euros/Month.
    Unlimited usage at a fixed rate, no suprise bill.
  • Receive a Report of Your Usage Every Month.
    You have 30 days to dispute it before paying.

Thanks to our innovative client-side AI, we’ve slashed infrastructure expenses, ensuring you benefit from unmatched cost-efficiency on every page!

Are you a researcher or a start-up? We are dedicated to offering complimentary licenses for researchers and may extend our 2,000 minutes monthly bonus for start-ups and selected customers.

How to proceed?

Once you get your licence key, a welcome email will be sent to you with simple instructions to start using our Artificial Intelligence SDK.