Emotion AI HTML5 SDK Plans and Pricing

Our cutting-edge HTML5 JS client-side processing AI overcomes infrastructure costs, lightens environmental impact, and offers unbeatable prices without compromising quality.

Free: 0 Euro /month

Plan includes:

  • 33 hours per month
  • Full features license

Plus: 9 Euro* /month

Plan includes:

  • 100 hours per month
  • Full features license

Pro: 19 Euro* /month

Plan includes:

  • Unlimited AI tracking time
  • Full features license

The Plans automatically adjust your billing to the appropriate tier (Free, Plus, Pro) each month, based on the actual AI tracking time thresholds during that specific month. This ensures you’re always on the most suitable plan for your needs.

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Plan includes:

  • + Multi-project licenses
  • + Priority support
  • + High SLA
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*plus VAT when applicable