Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform Price Scheme

Transparent, flexible
try-for-free pricing

Our pricing structure aims to be clear and uncomplicated, allowing you the freedom to explore the app while only charging you for your actual usage.

At MorphCast, our goal is to equip you with essential tools and services while minimizing financial strain. To achieve this, we have adopted a "pay as you go" approach that incorporates 2,000 complimentary minutes of streaming each month. Consequently, any technical assessments and trials are cost-free, enabling you to explore the platform risk-free and discover how it can enhance your research or business endeavors.

We crafted this pricing structure to accommodate the requirements of various customer types, be it low or high usage.

This plan is ideal for those who utilize our services in smaller amounts, enabling you to access our technology at no cost.

It's also perfect for conducting technical assessments, evaluations, proofs of concept, or client demonstrations before transitioning to the production stage.

However, should you surpass the 2,000-minute threshold, charges will apply based on your streaming consumption.

Fortunately, our pricing scheme caters to high-volume users as well. As your minute usage increases, the price per minute decreases, rendering our service even more cost-effective for those with substantial demands.

Moreover, we are dedicated to offering complimentary licenses for researchers and may extend the bonus by 2,000 minutes for startups and select customers. Hence, you can confidently utilize our services without fretting over expenses, and we aim to surpass your expectations with our cutting-edge technology and exceptional offerings.

Are you concerned of receiving an exorbitant bill?

Rest assured, we do not require your credit card details. Prior to making any payment, you will have the opportunity to review a monthly report with daily details of our service. You have a 30-day period to verify the report, and only after your confirmation will you be able to proceed with payment and receive our invoice. All of these procedures are thoroughly explained in our Terms of Use under the "Payment" section.

Pay as You Go

*Excluding applicable taxes

The expense is computed on a per-minute basis for video streaming each month, with a minimum fee of one minute per view.

We are highly flexible and attentive to our clients' requests. If you would like to discuss a different model, flat or annual or perpetual license, please contact us at [email protected] or via our contact form.

Instructions to go further

Download the MorphCast Studio app for free from the Apple Store or Microsoft store.

Register on the platform directly from MorphCast Studio and experience the frontier of emotional interactive videos.