Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform Price Scheme

One-Time Sign Up, Dynamic Pricing.
No Mandatory Subscriptions.
Special Deals for Big Businesses!

It’s Free.

  • Access to All Features.
  • 33 Hours of Streaming for Free every month.
    Simply get your license and start using. If you remain within the 33-hour cap, there’s no bill to pay.
  • Ideal for Initial Testing and Experiments.
    Witness the full capabilities of our AI without any financial commitments.

Unlimited usage
at a set price.

  • Full Feature Licence.
  • Unlimited Usage at Only 60 Euros/Month.
    No recurring subscriptions or hidden upgrade fees.
  • Uninterrupted Access.
    No unforeseen blockage, whatever your plan of choice.
  • Seamlessly shifts to Pro After 33 Hours.
    If you use less the following month, you revert to the Basic plan.
  • Monthly Usage Report.
    Receive it via email, review and approve your usage costs. Invoice sent upon approval.

Tailored solutions for advanced needs.

  • Access All Features.
  • Top-tier Service Quality.
  • Tailored for Large Businesses.
    Ideal for significant projects and corporations.
  • Custom Contracts.
    Crafted specifically for your business, ensuring aligned terms.
  • Strategic Consultation Included.
    Get guidance on aligning our solution with your goals.
  • Technical Integration Support.
    Assistance for seamless integration into your systems.
  • Branding Customization.
    Make our solution match your brand.
  • Project support from our team.
    We help ensure your projects succeed.
  • Fixed pricing starting at 300 Euros/Month.
    No surprises. Unlimited access.
  • Monthly Usage Report.
    Receive and review a detailed overview of your usage. Invoice sent upon approval.

Thanks to our innovative client-side AI, we’ve slashed infrastructure expenses, ensuring you benefit from unmatched cost-efficiency on every page!

Are you a researcher or a start-up? We are dedicated to offering complimentary licenses for researchers and may extend our 33 hours monthly bonus for start-ups and selected customers.

Instructions to go further

Download the MorphCast Studio app for free from the Apple Store or Microsoft store.

Register on the platform directly from MorphCast Studio and experience the frontier of emotional interactive videos!