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Coca-Cola | Transform your feelings into art

Coca Cola has chosen MorphCast to launch the new limited edition of its Creations line.

Grab a Coca-Cola and see real magic. This is how this brand new Coca-Cola experience starts!
Reflektor Digital agency created an emotional interactive mini site to introduce the new Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola. They used MorphCast Emotion AI to read users emotions while enjoing their soda and listening to the new Marshmello song.
After consenting to the opening of the camera, the user can play the song and visualize a 3D animation. The animation changes on the wave of the user emotions while listening to the song and enjoying the unexpected taste of the world’s best-selling soda.
At the end of the experience, the user can see the art he or she created and share it with friends in the social media.

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