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Coca-Cola | Transform your feelings into art
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Coca-Cola | Transform your feelings into art

Coca-Cola chose MorphCast Emotion AI to launch a limited edition product in its Creations line. This Coca-Cola interactive campaign created by Reflektor Digital uses advanced facial recognition to turn users’ emotions into unique digital art. Experience the innovative Coca-Cola experience!


MorphCast proudly powered Coca-Cola’s innovative partnership with DJ Marshmello! Reflektor Digital utilized MorphCast technology to create a dynamic, interactive web experience that turns emotions into art. Users’ facial expressions were analyzed by our Emotion AI and transformed into unique 3D generative art pieces in real-time while listening to Marshmello’s track “Numb” ft. Khalid. This engaging experience was not only downloadable but also shareable, enhancing the campaign’s reach and impact.

The Emotion AI Coca-Cola Experience

To participate in the experience, users must grant permission for the site to access their device camera. Once the song begins playing, users can watch a dynamic 3D animation that changes based on their emotional state. This is achieved through MorphCast’s Emotion AI, which analyzes facial expressions in real-time. The emotional connection between the user and Coca-Cola is heightened by the accompanying music and the taste of the new limited edition soda.
After the song concludes, users can view the unique art pieces generated from their emotional interaction. These personalized artworks are then available for download and sharing on social media, encouraging users to spread the experience and connect with others.


The project leveraged MorphCast’s advanced real-time facial recognition technology, seamlessly integrating dynamic 3D rendering into the user experience. The interactive element was meticulously crafted to reflect the campaign’s visual assets, ensuring a cohesive and engaging digital presence.

Coca-Cola interactive campaign


The Coca-Cola x Marshmello campaign set a new standard for interactive digital experiences by merging music, technology, and art. MorphCast’s technology enabled a globally shareable and personalized user experience, significantly amplifying the campaign’s success and engagement worldwide.

Key Achievements

50,000 Unique Creations: Users generated over 50,000 unique pieces of 3D art.

15 Languages Supported: The experience was accessible in 15 different languages, catering to a diverse global audience.

Infinite Smiles: The interactive and personalized nature of the campaign brought countless smiles to users, enhancing brand engagement and loyalty.

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with creative design, MorphCast helped Coca-Cola and Marshmello deliver an unforgettable and impactful digital experience.

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