Measuring the Engagement of Young People Abroad: The Importance of Emotion AI Technologies in 2024
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Measuring the Engagement of Young People Abroad: The Importance of Emotion AI Technologies in 2024

Stefano Bargagni

In 2024, technology continues to transform the way we live, study, and communicate. For young people studying abroad, such as those involved in the Erasmus program, maintaining a high level of engagement and enthusiasm is essential for their academic and personal success. One of the most promising innovations in this field is the use of Emotion AI technologies to measure emotions in real-time during video calls, providing a valuable tool for monitoring their emotional state and engagement.

Why is Measuring the Engagement of Young People Abroad Important?

Studying abroad is an exciting but also challenging experience. Young people face new cultures, languages, and academic environments, often far from family support. Understanding how they truly feel can be difficult through a simple phone conversation. This is where Emotion AI technology comes into play.

Emotion AI Technology: Bridging Continents

Emotion AI technology allows for the analysis of facial expressions and other non-verbal signals during a video call to determine a person’s emotional state in real-time. This tool can be particularly useful for parents who want to monitor the engagement and enthusiasm of their children studying abroad. Knowing if your son or daughter feels enthusiastic, motivated, or stressed can help make more informed decisions on how to best support them.

A Concrete Example: Video Calls with Loved Ones

Imagine having a video call with your daughter, who is studying at a university abroad. During the call, Emotion AI technology analyzes her facial expressions and detects increased signs of stress and anxiety. This real-time information allows you to delve into the reasons behind these feelings, giving you the opportunity to reassure her and take steps to improve her experience abroad.

Long-Term Benefits

Using Emotion AI technologies to monitor the engagement of young people abroad can have long-term benefits. It can help identify early signs of emotional distress or decreased motivation, allowing for timely interventions. Additionally, it can improve communication between young people and their families, creating a sense of closeness and mutual understanding, even from a distance.

To learn more about how Emotion AI technology can improve the engagement of your loved ones, visit MorphCast Emotion AI.

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