Emotion AI Video Conference
Emotion AI Video Conference

An innovative Video Conferencing application that brings a new level of interaction

MorphCast Emotion AI enhances the virtual experience by tracking real-time engagement, attention level and mood of participants in virtual meetings.

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Emotion AI Video Conference

MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference enables you to:

  • Identify emotional reactions of your audience in real-time.
  • Monitor the attention levels of participants.
  • Evaluate the engagement rate of your audience.
  • Explore a variety of evolving features weekly.

This analysis is conducted live during your interactions, with the added benefit of a detailed analytics dashboard available after your video conference for reviewing all collected data.

Real-time statistics

In virtual meetings, MorphCast leverages AI to analyze and provide real-time insights into participants’ emotions, attention, and engagement. It offers immediate visual feedback on the emotional dynamics present, enabling hosts to tailor their communication for more empathetic and impactful interactions. This approach enhances the understanding between hosts and participants, fostering more meaningful conversations.

Whether you’re a psychologist, educator, seller, recruiter, or performer, this tool in your hands could turn out to be your ace in the hole.

Insights and analytics, accessible anytime

Additionally, the data collected during these events is saved in a detailed analytics dashboard, accessible anytime to evaluate and optimize communication strategies for future meetings.

For example, the technology can show the most engaged attendees, highlights moments triggering strong emotional reactions, and pinpoints moments that may cause stress or frustration during meetings. This insight enables a more nuanced understanding of group dynamics and individual responses.

Say goodbye to guessing if your students are engaged

MorphCast for Zoom help you see how engaged your students are in real-time, offering cues on when to take breaks, adjust teaching methods, or change topics. After lessons, detailed engagement statistics guide future planning, ensuring every session is as effective as possible.

Enhancing therapy with AI

MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference allows you to effortlessly track your patients’ emotional journey. This innovative tool provides insights into patients’ feelings from session start to finish, using an advanced Emotion AI engine for a comprehensive understanding of emotional changes. It also enables the tracking of emotional patterns over sessions through its analytical dashboard, offering a deeper level of patient care through data-driven insights.

Data doesn't have to be difficult

Check our detailed guide to easily decode MorphCast output data and harness the power of emotion AI.

You’ll learn how to interpret identified emotions, and analyze evolving trends through reports and charts. This guide is your roadmap to actionable insights that will elevate your strategic approach.

Ethics, responsibility and security

MorphCast is dedicated to upholding safety, ethics, and responsibility throughout the development, implementation, and ongoing improvement of its Facial Emotion AI solutions.

We cultivate a culture of transparency and clarity by conducting frequent risk evaluations and adhering to data protection regulations. We remain conscious of the constraints of our Facial Emotion AI systems and work diligently to mitigate potential biases.

Privacy policy

MorphCast takes privacy concerns very seriously and has implemented several measures to protect the privacy of your users. That’s why we crafted and built an AI model that operates right in the browser, ensuring your facial data never leaves your device. The processed information, including attention level, engagement, and emotions, is encrypted and securely stored to prevent misuse or unauthorized sharing. Users also have the choice to opt out of emotional data processing by MorphCast at any time, ensuring their emotions remain private during virtual meetings

To fully comprehend your rights and responsibilities, please review the MorphCast Emotion AI Video Conference Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Empower Virtual Communication with Emotion AI Video Conference!

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Empower Virtual Communication with Emotion AI Video Conference!