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McDonald’s | Mood de Mac
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McDonald’s | Mood de Mac

Fullsix agency created for McDonald’s Portugal “Mood de Mac,” an interactive campaign designed to personalize customer engagement through real-time emotional analysis. By leveraging MorphCast Emotion AI, the emotional campaign aimed to create a unique and immersive experience for users, enhancing their connection with the brand.


“Mood de Mac” used MorphCast’s technology to analyze users’ facial expressions and adapt the content accordingly. This innovative approach allowed McDonald’s to offer a personalized experience that resonated with each user’s emotional state, making the interaction more engaging and memorable.

Mood de Mac Experience

Create a MyM Account
Users start by creating a MyM account on the McDonald’s app to unlock personalized coupons.

Choose the country: Portugal
The experience is made for McDonald’s Portugal. On the app, open the menu and choose country / language: Portugal.

Click on Mac Mood
Users access the Mac Mood feature, which activates facial recognition using their device’s camera.

Discover Your Mood
The Emotion AI analyzes the user’s facial expressions to determine their current mood, such as happiness, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, neutrality, or fear. This real-time analysis provides a unique and engaging experience.

Win Coupons That Suit You
Based on the detected mood, users receive tailored coupons that align with their emotional state. Are you sad? Find your smile again with a delicious ice cream! Are you happy? Get some chicken nuggets and share your happiness with your friends!


The integration of MorphCast Emotion AI into the McDonald’s app ensured seamless real-time emotion detection and content adaptation. The integration focused on delivering an intuitive user interface that made the experience enjoyable and easy to navigate.

McDonald's emotional campaign


The “Mood de Mac” campaign demonstrates the potential of Emotion AI in enhancing customer engagement and personalization, achieving measurable results.

Key Achievements

High Engagement Rates: Significant user participation due to personalized interactions.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Positive feedback on the tailored experience.

Improved Brand Connection: Enhanced emotional connection between McDonald’s and its customers.

By combining McDonald’s innovative marketing strategies with MorphCast’s advanced emotion recognition technology, the “Mood de Mac” campaign set a new standard for personalized customer engagement in the fast-food industry.

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