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Lexus | Feel your best

An emotionally intelligent and unique film experience that responds to the viewers’ emotions.

Unit9 (award-winning production studio) created an extraordinary film experience to mark the launch of the Lexus ES Full Hybrid Electric. The video is designed to understand adapt to them and impact on viewers’ emotions in real time.
This pioneering campaign uses MorphCast Emotion AI to inspire positive feelings in the viewer, just as the Lexus ES driving experience inspires positive feelings in the driver.
It is a unique and personalised digital experience. The video responds to the viewers’ emotion with visual and musical change, depending on the perceived emotional state.

Unit9 and Lexus chose MorphCast because of their shared commitment to protecting users’ personal data. For this reason, Lexus has cited MorphCast in its Privacy Notice, in order to ensure maximum transparency towards its users.

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