Detecting Positivity in a Face through Artificial Intelligence (FER)
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Detecting Positivity in a Face through Artificial Intelligence (FER)

Stefano Bargagni

Today it is possible to use artificial intelligence to learn new facial expressions

I often wake up in the morning with an idea in my head, perhaps from a dream I had the night before. One morning, I was in that in-between state of sleep and wakefulness, when I thought about the possibility of using artificial intelligence and facial recognition to teach people which facial expressions are most likely to inspire trust and empathy in their interlocutors. A sort of interactive tutor for their own facial expressions, body language, or rather, face language.

A Forward Idea Made Reality

With my team at MorphCast, of which I am the founder and CEO, I developed a proof of concept based on the Russell circumplex model. You can try it and discover the language of your face!

From this experience, the Positivity algorithm, a 17-degree axis on the circumplex model of affects by Russel was born. Currently, it is used by one of our best clients to train job candidates to synchronize their expressions with the content of their answers to the recruiter. You can explore this use case here: English version: – French version:

But the potential of MorphCast doesn’t stop here. Being able to sell oneself is a valuable skill in many areas of life, making this technology useful not only for salespeople and performers but for anyone looking to improve their social interactions. Measuring and improving the positivity expressed through facial expression can have a significant impact on how others perceive you, which in turn can open new opportunities in various walks of life.

Facial Emotion Recognition, Made Accessible

MorphCast is well aware of the broad potential of its technology, which is why it has adopted a business model centered on providing free access for normal or personal use of the technology. This makes MorphCast an accessible resource for everyone, regardless of their needs or resources.

MorphCast has distinguished itself in this domain by offering a service that operates exclusively on the client-side and in-browser, thus ensuring total privacy for the user. The technology functions as a Javascript library embedded in a web page, typically within the customer’s domain, running on the browser of the end user’s device. This setup ensures a relationship exclusively with the customer, not with MorphCast’s parent company. Importantly, MorphCast’s software doesn’t process biometric data for identification but performs an instant, volatile processing of personal data on the user’s device, ensuring privacy during the analysis of facial expressions​ (check out the full capabilities of our software).

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