Facial Expression Recognition Made Easy in 2024: A Beginner’s Guide
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Facial Expression Recognition Made Easy in 2024: A Beginner’s Guide

Stefano Bargagni

Transforming the hard-to-understand into easy-to-use Emotion AI

At MorphCast, we are committed to making FER (Facial Emotion Recognition) accessible and easy-to-use for everyone through our Emotion AI technology. Our mission may be ambitious, but we are confident that it is achievable. We understand that it may take time, and we are willing to fight for this goal, even if it means achieving it by 2024 rather than the end of 2023.

Without special skills

Our goal is to make emotional AI accessible to everyone and to harness all the advantages it can offer, especially for those who lack the particular skills to analyze facial expressions in any context.

How to use emotional AI without being an expert

While I have previously discussed the utility, accuracy, bias, and risks of emotional AI on my blog at www.morphcast.com, I will not delve into those aspects at this time

My focus now shifts to addressing the increasing need of employees, entrepreneurs, and organizations to access emotional AI technology easily, without requiring expert programming skills or relying on an IT team.

Here is the recipe of how we think we do it

  • Our strategy involves creating user-friendly tools that can seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, much like Alexa or Siri. While this approach will take time to develop, we believe it is crucial to take the first steps towards achieving this goal.
  • Our approach is to provide everyone with free and valuable tools and services, while also offering paid services that form the core of our business. By combining these elements, we aim to make our technology accessible to all and generate revenue through our paid services.
  • Our strategy also involves integrating our technology as a useful plugin into widely used services. By doing so, we aim to expand our reach and make emotional AI technology accessible to a broader audience.

Now, let’s discuss some concrete solutions we are currently working on to achieve our goals.

User-friendly tools

As part of our commitment to creating user-friendly tools, we recently launched a ready-to-use web app on our website called the “Emotion AI Video Frames Analyzer.” Within the first 30 days of its release, the app recorded an impressive 19% activation rate from customers across the globe, including the United States, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Singapore, Oman, India, and Portugal. This high level of interest demonstrates that the need for our technology is even more widespread than we initially thought. We intend to continue expanding our selection of Ready-To-Use Web Apps and welcome feedback from users to enhance and customize the apps according to their individual needs.

Free and valuable tools and services

In line with our philosophy of providing free and valuable tools and services, we have implemented a freemium model that includes plenty of free minutes of usage per month for all users. This model benefits those who use our services in smaller quantities and allows them to use our technology for free without any financial burden. This model is also suitable for those who require technical tests, evaluations, proof of concept, or customer demonstrations before entering the production phase.

Besides, our MorphCast Studio is an entirely free tool that allows users to create interactive videos with the emotions of the viewers. This tool aims to make our technology accessible to all and promote emotional engagement in video content.

Useful plugins incorporated into massively used services

As part of our strategy to incorporate useful plugins into widely used services, we began by integrating our technology with Zoom video conference. We plan to continue this path by integrating our technology with other popular video conferencing and webinar tools. We are also actively seeking out other widely used tools that can benefit from the integration of our emotional AI technology. Our ultimate goal is to create a simple plugin for HTML that can be used with a click on WordPress and any other domain / website management platform, such as Godaddy. These plugins would make our technology even more accessible and promote its widespread use. We view this as a future perfect case study that would further advance our mission to make emotional AI technology accessible to everyone.

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