Zoom Tools For Engagment: Are Your Online Students Actively Involved?
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Zoom Tools For Engagment: Are Your Online Students Actively Involved?

Claudia Tomasi

As online education continues to flourish, educators face the challenge of keeping students actively engaged during virtual classes. Fortunately, Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, offers a range of tools and applications to enhance student participation and foster interactive learning experiences. In this article, we will explore the best Zoom tools for engagement, specifically designed to promote active involvement among online students.

Zoom tools for engagement #1: Polling and Survey Apps

One effective way to gauge student understanding and encourage active participation is through the use of polling and survey apps on Zoom. These tools allow educators to create real-time polls and surveys, enabling students to provide feedback, answer questions, and express opinions. By incorporating interactive elements into lessons, instructors can capture students’ attention and promote engagement.

Whiteboard and Annotation Tools

Zoom’s whiteboard and annotation features provide a collaborative space where educators and students can interact and share ideas in real-time. These tools enable online teachers to explain concepts visually, encourage student input, and facilitate brainstorming sessions. Students can also utilize annotation tools to highlight important points, make notes, or provide feedback, fostering a more interactive and engaging learning environment.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are an invaluable tool for facilitating small group discussions and collaborative activities in virtual classrooms. By dividing students into smaller groups, educators can encourage active participation and promote peer-to-peer interaction. Assigning specific tasks or discussions to each breakout room enhances engagement and allows for more meaningful exchanges among students.

Screen Sharing and Multimedia Integration

Zoom’s screen sharing feature enables educators to share their screens, presentations, or multimedia content with students in real-time. By utilizing this tool, instructors can showcase visual aids, videos, or interactive applications to enhance the learning experience. Integrating multimedia elements not only captures students’ interest but also facilitates better comprehension and retention of the subject matter.

Recording and Playback

Zoom’s recording feature allows educators to record their online classes and make them available for students to review later. This feature proves beneficial for students who may have missed a class or require additional reinforcement. By providing access to recorded sessions, instructors empower students to take ownership of their learning journey and engage with the material at their own pace.

New zoom tool for engagement: MorphCast for Zoom attention tracker

MorphCast for Zoom is an innovative plugin that seamlessly integrates Emotion AI into Zoom conferences, revolutionizing virtual meetings with heightened interaction and engagement. By harnessing advanced AI algorithms, MorphCast for Zoom adeptly detects and interprets emotions from participants’ facial expressions, empowering hosts to gain deeper insights and foster more effective collaboration. By incorporating MorphCast Emotion AI into Zoom, educators can gain valuable insights into students’ emotional states during virtual classes, thereby enhancing engagement and improving overall learning experiences.

Conclusion: Zoom tools for engagement

In the realm of online education, fostering active involvement and engagement among students is crucial for effective learning outcomes. Zoom, with its diverse range of tools and applications, provides educators with the means to create interactive and immersive virtual classrooms. By utilizing polling and survey apps, whiteboard and annotation tools, breakout rooms, screen sharing and multimedia integration, as well as recording and playback features and a new product called MorphCast for Zoom, educators can ensure that their online students are actively involved and benefit from an enriched learning experience.

Remember, while these Zoom tools are valuable for engagement, it is equally important to employ effective teaching strategies and create a supportive and inclusive learning environment. By combining these tools with pedagogical best practices, educators can truly unlock the potential of online teaching and maximize student engagement in virtual classrooms.

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