Emotion AI – General Data Protection Regulation

Last update March 4, 2023

Private data protection and preserving people’s rights under GDPR legislation are at the heart of MorphCast technology.

The technology developed and distributed by Cynny S.p.A. called “MorphCast® EMOTION AI” is a software for processing images of  your camera stream provided by the browser that establishes, with different degrees of probability, the emotional state and some other apparent characteristics.

It does not carry out biometric data processing, but only an instant and volatile processing of personal data, while scanning the images read by the camera stream provided by the browser. Each image of the stream remains in the volatile memory of your device browser, accessible from the software and destroyed as soon as it is processed (about 100ms). Cynny S.p.A. has no control over such personal data as it is processed by technology directly on your device browser.

For detailed information about MORPHCAST EMOTION AI AND PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING please refer to the link: Emotion AI – Responsibility.