Facial Emotion Recognition in Business in 2023
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Facial Emotion Recognition in Business in 2023

What are the benefits?

Facial Emotion Recognition, or Facial Emotion AI, is an Artificial Intelligence based technology capable of recognizing the emotions of humans. It does it through the analysis of facial expressions. In other words, it is a technology able to detect how someone feels by extracting information about their emotional state through videos and pictures of their face. Facial Emotion AI is a trending topic lately, but how does Facial Emotion Recognition benefit companies and their business?

Valuable data for business

Facial Emotion Recognition can help companies gather important information on their users, customers, employees or students. This helps better understand how the communication is perceived, in many different contexts.

Emotional state. Measuring and knowing the emotional state of users is important for evaluating communication strategies. Modulating communication based on emotional state means relating to them in an empathetic way. This allows you to shorten the distance and get closer to your audience, creating a more intimate and stronger bond with them.

Emotional response. Regardless of the emotional state of our users, it is also crucial to assess how they respond to the content we offer. Can we get a smile out of them? To intrigue them? To relax them? Or does what we propose annoy them? Does it make them angry? Being able to collect data along these lines can help us learn how to relate to trigger the emotions that can best help us achieve our goals.

Attention level. Another important aspect to evaluate is the attentiveness our users give to our content. Being able to capture attention and maintain a high level of it is a crucial aspect. One of the benefits of Facial Emotion Recognition in business is precisely that we can measure the level of attention of users as they interact with our content. But that’s not all! We can use this data to implement strategies to bring their attention to the level that is satisfactory to us.

Advantages of Facial Emotion Recognition in your business

Benefits of Facial Emotion Recognition in retail

Emotion AI allows you to catch your customers’ emotions while interacting with digital screens around your store, and adapt contents to them. 

For example, it makes you able to communicate product offers and discounts based on their mood and engagement. But also, you will be able to gather in-depth data of your clients to better understand your customer base and plan future strategies.

Emotion AI in education and eLearning

Facial Emotion Analysis is really helpful in establishing a good bond between teacher and students. In fact, it is able to track attention level, engagement, emotions and more. And this can help teachers, trainers and educators optimize each student’s learning experience. 

Emotion AI can be successfully used both in synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences, to make the learning process more efficient.

Emotion analysis for brands and agencies

With Emotion AI you can create emotional interactive experiences to engage with your audience on a higher level. It allows you to shift from passive to active communication, exploiting emotional interactions to adapt the experiences based on your viewers mood, attention, engagement, and much more.

Pros of facial emotion recognition for digital health

Emotions and health are strictly connected. Stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts can, for example, negatively affect a patient’s healing process, or at least his or her mental well-being. Emotion AI allows you to monitor the emotional state of patients through digital devices, and gather important collateral information during the treatment and healing process.

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