Emotion Analysis
Mood+ | AI diary and mood tracker
Emotion Analysis

Mood+ | AI diary and mood tracker

Sugar Social Networks launched Mood+, an innovative AI-powered mood diary and tracker. Utilizing MorphCast Emotion AI, this app provides users with personalized insights into their emotional well-being, enhancing self-awareness and mental health management.


The Mood+ app (available for Android and iOS devices) integrates MorphCast’s technology to analyze users’ emotional states. By tracking daily moods and offering tailored insights, the app helps users understand and manage their emotions effectively.

Mood+ Experience

Users record their daily moods using the app, which analyzes facial expressions through MorphCast Emotion AI. This analysis provides daily, weekly and monthly emotional reports and personalized insights, helping users track emotional patterns and improve mental well-being.


MorphCast Emotion AI was seamlessly incorporated into the Mood+ app, creating a robust system that delivers accurate emotional analysis. The user-friendly interface ensures an intuitive experience, making mood tracking accessible and engaging.


The AI-powered mood diary and tracker transformed how users manage their emotional health by providing personalized insights. This innovation promotes better mental health awareness and proactive management.

Key Achievements

Enhanced Self-Awareness: Users gain deeper insights into their emotional patterns.

Personalized Feedback: Real-time analysis offers tailored mental health advice.

Positive User Experience: High satisfaction rates and increased engagement with mental health tracking.

By integrating MorphCast Emotion AI with Mood+, Sugar Social Networks created a powerful tool that empowers users to take control of their emotional well-being, fostering a healthier and more aware user base.

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Mood+ AI diary and mood tracker