Analyze facial expressions in your videos
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Analyze facial expressions in your videos

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This app allows you to analyze facial expressions in your videos, and download detailed reports in CSV, JSON files and a dashboard in PDF format.

You’ll see results once played the video in real time. For a more meticulous, frame-by-frame analysis which offers precision yet takes longer to execute, please refer to the app: Highly precise and accurate video emotion analysis.

Choosing a video from your device for analysis with our Emotion AI technology, whether in whole or in part, is remarkably straightforward. The software will scrutinize the primary face, delivering precise data to you. Crucially, our technology refrains from transmitting any data to external servers. Your video, along with all your data, stays strictly within local volatile memory, providing total assurance of your privacy and security.

With this tool you will be able to detect:

  • Arousal
  • Valence
  • 98 affects (Russel, Sherer, Klaus model)
  • 38 affects (Paltoglou and Thelwall model)
  • quadrants (Russel, Sherer, Klaus model)
  • 6 emotions (Ekman model)
  • Attention
  • Positivity
  • Number of faces

Privacy Policy

All settings and the license key are saved in the localstorage of your browser.

The video you choose from your device will undergo local analysis, and both the video and output data will remain on your device without being uploaded to any server, ensuring privacy and security throughout the process.

Check the Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy for further information.


In keeping with our commitment to offering cost-effective and beneficial tools and services, we’ve adopted a model which grants all customers a generous amount of complimentary minutes of usage each month. For further information and chances to secure free licenses, be sure to explore our pricing policy!

Getting Started

  1. Get your license key now to unlock the app here.
  2. Go to the app and insert the licence key obtained.


Immerse yourself in the profound realm of emotions like you’ve never done before with the MorphCast application. Our ground-breaking technology permits you to scrutinize facial expressions in your videos, frame after frame, equipping you with incredibly detailed and accurate emotional information. In just a few steps, choose a video from your device and let our Emotion AI technology carefully examine the principal face in each frame, delivering extensive data. Your privacy and security are our top priorities – we ensure absolute confidentiality by never transmitting your data to external servers.

Utilize our application to access a vast array of emotional metrics, which include arousal, valence, 98 affects following the Russel, Sherer, Klaus model, 38 affects using the Paltoglou and Thelwall model, quadrant analysis by the Russel, Sherer, Klaus model, 6 emotions based on Ekman’s model, attention, positivity, and even the detection of the number of faces. You can download exhaustive reports in CSV and JSON formats, or browse a thorough PDF dashboard to obtain profound insights into your videos.

Step into the new era of emotion analysis and commence a transformative voyage of self-understanding with MorphCast.

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