Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard in Your Website
Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard in your Website

Integrate Emotion AI statistics into your website in just one minute!

Unlock a deeper understanding of your users in real time as they interact with your website or app. Gain detailed statistics of their emotional reactions and engagement to better understand user experience, optimize content, and obtain valuable data on audience preferences.

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Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard

Discover a comprehensive solution for monitoring and analyzing the emotional impact of your web content, web apps, or even native iOS or Android apps.

  • Beyond clicks and page views: Traditional analytics tell you what users do, but MorphCast tells you how they feel. This qualitative emotional data is a goldmine for understanding the “why” behind user behavior.
  • From assumptions to certainty: We often guess at user intent. MorphCast removes the doubt. Are they confused or delighted? Bored or excitedly engaged? This lets you confidently optimize with data backing your decisions.
  • Audience insights fuel strategy: Aggregate emotional data reveals what your audience loves, hates, and responds to. This shapes marketing, product development, and more.

Extremely easy

Its main strength lies in its rapid deployment. In just a minute, you have your dashboard ready to collect valuable statistical data for your work! The dashboard is seamlessly integrated with the MorphCast Facial Emotion Recognition AI engine. Once the snippet code is paste into your web pages, you can immediately start monitoring and analyzing the emotions of your users.

Moreover, the user interface of the dashboard is designed to be straightforward. You can easily switch from one analysis to another, filter data based on various criteria, and customize reports to suit your needs. Multiple downloads are available such as CSV, PDF, JSON file.

Do you have questions on MorphCast Emotion AI? Please check our FAQs!

Understanding data made simple

Dive into our comprehensive guide to interpreting emotion AI output data and transform your strategies with the power of understanding.

You’ll learn how to understand the identified emotions and visualize them through charts and graphs to extract meaningful insights. The guide covers the different types of data representation and how to analyze trends over time.

Ethics, responsibility and security

MorphCast is committed to ensuring safety, ethics, and responsibility in the design, use, and continuous refinement of its Facial Emotion AI solutions.

We foster a culture of transparency and clarity through regular risk assessments and compliance with data protection laws while being mindful of the limitations of our Facial Emotion AI systems and addressing potential biases.

Privacy policy

The data collected by MorphCast are entirely anonymous aggregated statistics, therefore cannot be traced back to an individual.

However, you are required to inform your users about what you are tracking and for what purpose. MorphCast provides you with a tool for creating customizable privacy notices that include a link to your own policy. In this way, you and us are GDPR compliant and your users are protected.

Please check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to gain a thorough understanding of your rights and obligations.

Enhance user engagement and refine your strategy with MorphCast Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard

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Enhance user engagement and refine your strategy with MorphCast Emotion AI Statistics Dashboard