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Verizon Tom’s story | Bringing emotions to the edge

Eight different narrative branches from Tom's first day in the office, depending on how viewers react. This short film, created by Yahoo Studios, benefits from MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform to create empathy and change narrative based on viewers'...
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Interactive video, eLearning, Training & Education

Yahoo | Business Moves

An informative interactive video to understand the new rules for importing goods from the EU to the UK. The UK’s exit from the EU has affected the way businesses import, export and transport goods. But how do these new rules affect...
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Digital advertising

San Miguel | Find your rich

Material or experiential richness? The San Miguel experience will help you understand what your inner self desires. Leading UK creative agency Pablo created an amazing campaign for San Miguel. It asks drinkers a simple but powerful question: what does it...
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eLearning, Training & Education, Human Resources

A-dapt | The Adaptive-Media® Interview Coach

Interactive video and Emotion AI to teach job interviews in a friendly, scalable and effective way. +56% quality of answers! Created in collaboration with Nacro Education (UK charity helping young adults into the world of work), the project exploits the...
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Human Resources

Eggup | mAIself

A digital assessment service to analyze and strengthen soft skills through tailored questionnaires and continuous learning, powered by MorphCast. Eggup developed a powerful digital assessment service to analyze and strengthen people’s soft skills, powered by MorphCast Emotional AI.The process in...
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OOH, Retail & Digital Signage

Accenture | Emotional responsive digital displays

With MorphCast Emotion AI, retailers can adapt contents to their customers in real time. In the heart of Milan’s Digital Innovation District some of the world’s leading fashion and luxury brands come to experience emerging technologies that anticipate game-changing business,...
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eLearning, Training & Education, Human Resources

24 Ore Business School

An enhanced eLearning experience through remote access, interactive videos and attention monitoring. To accelerate their digital strategy, 24 Ore Business School choose MorphCast Interactive Video Platform.They migrated the existing linear coursework to fully interactive content.But not only! In future, online...
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What do they think?

Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

Interactive video has suffered in the past because of its high costs and compatibility issues. No more. MorphCast solves this problem by creating a simple, powerful, plug and play platform with great support. Welcome to the interactive video generation.

Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman, Cofounder at UNIT9, UNIT9 Films and UNIT9 Apps
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

MorphCast can change a video on the basis of your age, emotions or whether you're paying attention, just like a storyteller or an actor might change their performance according to their audience. MorphCast is a fascinating technology, with huge future potential.

Martin Percy, BAFTA Award Winning Director
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

I think this project has really opened my mind to the innovation that is now available to us all as filmmakers and storytellers. The future is making technology expand on the story rather than limit it. So I think the possibilities truly are endless.

Jake Graf, Multi Award Winning Writer, Director and Actor
Morphcast Piero Frescobaldi

One of the brilliant things that we’ve been doing with Verizon Business Group is combining traditional scripted drama production with fantastic new 5G-related technology MorphCast, [...] finding new ways to essentially serve content to audiences.

Geoffrey Goodwin, Senior Director at Yahoo Creative Studios